Add This Stunning Floral Cafe To Your Macau Bucket List

They have a cute swing right at the entrance!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/chabeiteacup, (RIGHT) Instagram/catherinelohangomez

Most people who go to Macau have two things in mind: gambling and egg tarts. But now you have one more thing to add to your must-do list.

Cha Bei is a flower and tea cafe located inside Galaxy Macau Resort, and it's so damn pretty. Right at the entrance, they have a swing set in front of floral wall that's just TDF. And yes, customers are encouraged to take pictures. 

Next to it, they have a flower stand where you can buy or arrange your own bouquet. Fresh flowers are available, with most of them imported from the South of France, Holland, and Japan.

Cha Bei has two main sections. An area is dedicated for when you're there for tea and pastries, and there's another section for when you want something heavier. And if you just want to lounge around with your barkada, there are corners for that, too. 

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The cafe looks straight out of Alice In Wonderland

And if you want someone to experience Cha Bei, too, the cafe has a wide selection of #chichi gifts you can choose from:

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