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Guiltless Gastos: Sulit Ba Talaga Yung Favorite Siomai Mo?

How much do you love siomai?

Among all the affordable food out there, siomai's probably one of the top most sulit ones. Siomai stalls can be seen in the food courts of practically every mall and rarely do we see one without customers. These steamed dumplings of happiness usually come in different flavor variants; that's why these are the go-to tipid merienda of pretty much everyone.

The question is, sulit ba talaga siya for its price?

Master Siomai

Master Siomai’s four-piece Pork and Shrimp Siomai is priced at P37 and it weighed 85 grams.

Weight per siomai: approx. 21.25 grams
Price per siomai: P37/4 = P9.25

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Is it sulitIt was the cheapest out of all the options but the weight isn't that far off from the others so it's still sulit!

Siomai House

For P40, we had four pieces of Siomai House’s Pork-Shrimp Steamed Siomai and it weighed 91 grams. 

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Weight per siomai: 
approx. 22.75 grams

Price per siomai: P40/4 = P10

Is it sulitYES! Siomai House's siomai weighed the heaviest on the list.

Hen Lin

Four pieces of Hen Lin’s Pork Siomai weighed 87 grams, and the order cost us P38. 

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Weight per siomai: approx. 21.75 grams
Price per siomai: P38/4 = P9.5

Is it sulitTheir siomais were hefty and weighed second heaviest, so yes, it's sulit!

Hap Chan Express

Initially, we thought there were four pieces in every order of Hap Chan Express’ Shrimp Siomai (P70) but when we opened the takeout box, we were surprised to only see three. The order weighed 65 grams.

Weight per siomai: approx. 21.67 grams
Price per siomai: P70/3 = P23.33

Is it sulitNope. It was the most expensive offer on this list, considering there are only three pieces.

So, in your opinion, which siomai is the most sulit for you?

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