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Cool Food Artists To Follow On Instagram

Art meets food in a whole new way.

If you thought plating was the artsiest food could get, think again.

#FoodArt (and all variations of it) has taken over the world of Instagram. From renditions of Picasso classics to childhood characters made out of vegetables, these IG-based artists have done it all and more.

Below, we’ve listed down 5 food artists you need to follow.

1. Gretchen Röehrs (@groehrs)

Who knew a banana peel could make such an adorable playsuit? Gretchen Röehrs marries fashion and food on her feed and, well, it’s one amazing marriage. She uses various fruits and vegetables to create stylish pieces that would look amazing in real life (if it were made of cloth instead of produce).

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2. Danling Xiao (@mundane_matters)

Leave it to this creative mind to tell stories with her food. Danling Xiao lets her followers in on her daily musings by turning food into everyday objects. From cucumbers disguised as dumbbells to a toaster made out of bread, the sky’s the limit for this curious artist.

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3. Harley Langberg (@harleysfood_art)

Harley Langberg can do anything with food. He has recreated Picasso pieces and magazine covers on plates, and he can capture any celebrity on the cream of an Oreo– he's done Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Donald Trump, and Frida Kahlo, to name a few. He also does animals (a shooting panda made out of eggplant, for instance).

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4. Charlotte Love (@charlottelovely)

This stylist’s got a knack for faces—food faces. Charlotte Love’s lovely Instagram feed is guaranteed to put a smile on your face—because who wouldn’t smile back when their food is smiling at them? Charlotte has personalized her food in every way possible.

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5. Ida Skivenes (@idafrosk)

Ida Skivenes started her Instagram for fun to share her healthy and creative breakfasts to people all over the world. Now, food art has become her passion. She maintains her beautiful feed, sharing her work (and spreading happiness) to people all across the globe. She’s even collaborated with big names like Stella McCartney!

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