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Can You Believe There's A Correct Way To Stir Your Tea?

And no, you don't have to lift your damn pinky finger.
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Every time I drink tea (which isn't often), I feel so ~fancy~ that before I know it, my pinky finger is up, and I'm speaking in a British accent (just kidding). But apparently, that's not a real thing that least not when it comes to the royal family. 

Former royal butler Grant Harrold told Business Insider, "I have never seen that happen once."

More than that, however, did you know that there's actually a proper way to stir your tea? And it isn't in a circular motion like you've been doing for literally your entire life. Grant explained, "If we stir in a circular motion, we can create a storm in a tea cup and see the tea coming over the sides which we should never allow."

No, he's not making this up. And if that isn't ~royal~ enough for you, you aren't even supposed to let the spoon hit the sides because that clinging sound is a big no-no during tea time. 

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Pass the Earl Grey, please. 

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