Food Mash-Ups We Wish Actually Existed

Looking for delicious pairings made in foodie heaven? We took inspiration from the current food mash-ups and came up with our own 10 creative ideas.

From croissant-donuts to ramen burgers, food mash-ups are all the rage in every corner of the globe. Instagram feeds are no stranger to posts that could have easily come out of an episode of Man v. Food-meets-Epic Meal Time. Each of these masterpieces might require a good minute or two before you’re able to comprehend their glorious composition, but once you get over the initial shock, you’ll find all the right reasons to taste all the craziness.

Luckily, local foodie-preneurs have been keeping up, making sure Filipinos get a good bite out of these delicious pairings. Luckier for you, we’ve taken the initiative and trooped out to our test kitchen to marry two (or more) of our favorite epicurean delights, coming up with 10 creative ideas we all wish actually existed. They’re insane, a bit out of this world, but definitely worth every calorie.

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