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This New Food Walk Will Satisfy All Your ~*Cravings*~

By millennials, for millennials.
PHOTO: Trina Elefante, Jean Saturnino

You know how when you're trying to figure out where to go for dinner, and people are making suggestions, and you feel bad because you're not in the mood to go wherever they want to, but you have ZERO recommendations? This new foodie walk at Shangri-La at the Fort is exactly where you need to be. Not only will you be served quality dishes, but everything you put in your mouth will hit all the right spots. 

We stopped at five different places: High Street Lounge, Canton Road Barbeque Room, Samba, High Street Cafe, and Raging Bull Chophouse & Bar. And while every dish was unique, Uncle Ng's LaksaRap left a lasting impression. Srsly still dreaming about it. 

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

VIDEO: Trina Elefante, Jean Saturnino

The walk is open to the public, but if you want it to just be you and your barkada, a minimum of eight or maximum of 12 participants is necessary. 

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To book, visit Shangri-La at the Fort's Facebook page for more details. 

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