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Would You Pay Almost P100,000 For Pizza?

Pizza is life? Yeah, 'cause it'll take you a lifetime to pay for one order.

Last year, the internet went nuts for a 24k gold donut with ube mousse inside. And if you can’t remember, let us refresh your memory: It was worth $100 or P5,000. Just when you thought nothing could be more absurd than that, enter Industry Kitchen.

Industry Kitchen is a go-to spot for foodies who are obsessed with wood-fired pizzas. Except now, they’re just the people who are crazy enough to charge $2,000 for a fucking pizza. Why would you ruin pizza like that? It’s one of the rare foods on this planet that is actually accessible to everyone. Oh, right… Capitalism. 

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Like the donut, their Golden Pizza is topped with 24k Ecuadorian gold leaves. This fit-for-the-one-percent pizza also has “white stilton cheese imported from England and Ossetra caviar from the Caspian Sea… French foie gras and truffles.”

Shall we do the math? If you cut this pizza into eight pieces, each slice comes out to $250, which is approximately P12,445. That’s like, P2,500 per bite.

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Uh… Shakey’s, anyone? 

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