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Spice Up Your Usual Ramen With This Recipe From SHINee's Key

What's your go-to comfort food? At the end of a long day, a bowl of hot ramyeon (or ramen) never fails to make me happy. To make it *extra special,* I add an egg and slices of spam. While watching an episode of the Korean variety show I Live Alone, I discovered a new ramyeon recipe courtesy of SHINee's Key!

Aside from an egg, this kind of ramyeon has sundubu or soft tofu. You often see this ingredient in K-dramas whenever the characters whip up jigaes or soups, similar to Park Saeroyi's signature dish in Itaewon Class. The sundubmakes the ramyeon even more appetizing and filling, and trust us when we say that you'll be craving it from time to time.

If you're tired of your usual ramen, you have to try this dish! Check out this step-by-step guide on how to recreate Key's sundubu ramen recipe, as created by our content creator Kat Noble:

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