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5 Ramyeon Brands To Try For Your Next K-Drama Marathon Snack

Slurp it like how they do in K-dramas!
Korean ramen brands to try
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The unpredictable climate we have now is a total bummer—it’s the start of 'ber months but there are days that still feel like we're in the middle of summer. Still, bed weather is slowly kicking in, and you know what that means: It’s the perfect time for some hot, Korean ramyeon. (But who are we kidding, we always want ramyeon, whatever the weather may be!)

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These kinds of noods is a staple in South Korea not just for its convenience, but also for its super savory taste that will make you go “ah~”, similar to K-dramas. If you’re looking for tried-and-tested ramyeon options by Korean brands, here’s a quick guide for your next trip to the grocery, so you have something to eat for your next K-drama marathon: (We totally recommend having a side of kimchi ready, too!)


1. Shin Ramyun

Price: P225.50 for a pack of 5

Available at: SM Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Metro Supermarket, 7-Eleven, Korean Convenience Stores

A cult fave, Shin Ramyun belongs to the Nongshim food company and has been around since 1986. This spicy ramen brand offers different variations, including the original, light, shrimp flavor, and Shin Ramyun black, which has “a more decadent flavor from pork broth”, and double the flakes. Add an egg and you’re good to go, or whip up something more exciting, like budae jjigae—which translates to army stew, and has spam, sausages, and all the other good stuff you can think of.

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2. Jin Ramen

Price: P47.50

Available at: SM Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, Metro Supermarket, 7-Eleven, Korean Convenience Stores

If you want a toned-down kind of spice, you’ll love the Ottogi Jin Ramen. Be warned though, it’s still pretty spicy, though not as much compared to other brands. This versatile option has chewy noodles and more dried vegetables (it’s still veggies, IYKWIM), perfect for those who want that bite in their ramen. Pair this with kimchi or add fried tofu and a sunny-side-up egg, and you have your new comfort food (or hangover meal).


3. Samyang Fire Noodle

Price: P64.50

Available at: SM Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, 7-Eleven, Korean Convenience Stores

Who doesn’t know about the spicy noodle challenge that took the internet by storm? Also called buldak bokkeumyeon, Samyang Fire Noodles offer a *lot* of variations if you want to go on a new gastronomic adventure. They have the classic spicy chicken, light version, carbonara, meat spaghetti, and even curry-flavored ramen. With so many options like these, these noods can definitely stand on its own, and you’ll only need ice-cold water on the side. And maybe a box of tissue also. And milk. 


4. Chapagetti Jjajjang

Price: P52.00

Available at: Korean Convenience Stores

The South Korean film Parasite introduced us not only to its award-winning plot and stellar cast, but also to two ramen brands that form the dish ram-don—one of which is Chapagetti Jjajjang. This is Nongshim’s take on jjajjangmyeon, a popular Korean noodle dish in black bean sauce, and is much easier to cook than the traditional one. Its sweet onion taste balances the savory flavor, and just like what the movie suggests, it’s perfect with Neoguri Ramen. Worry no more about buying these two, because the food company recently launched the two instant noodles combined in one bowl, where you can add steak on top for that ultimate Parasite ~feel~. Chopsticks, please!


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5. Ottogi Cheese Ramen

Price: P47.50

Available at: Robinsons Supermarkets, Korean Convenience Stores

Cheese and soup together? This might be a surprising combination but believe us: You will grab another pack (or two) of this in your next grocery run. Ottogi Cheese Ramen packs a smooth cheese broth that you will surely love with every slurp. The flavor is not cloyingly rich, but still gives that cheesy kick. You can pair this with a side of mandu (Korean dumplings), or add a slice of cheese on top because why not?


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