Go On A Food Trip Around The Philippines At This Food Hall In Pasay!

Chef Margarita Fores is the genius behind this new food hall.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/loyzki, (RIGHT) Instagram/trishikamedinax

There's a new food hall in town! Islas Pinas, located in Pasay City, is the brainchild of Chef Margarita Fores. According to their FB page, Islas Pinas is  the "country's first and only Filipino food and heritage village."

Sorta like a museum, Islas Pinas has detailed guides talking about Filipino culture. The entire space is divided into sections with different themes. One part looks like Vigan, another is just like Intramuros. 

The food they serve is based on recipes from all around the Philippines, so there's definitely something here for everyone. 

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