People React To Kylie Jenner's Instant Ramen Recipe

Should Kylie add 'chef' to her CV?
PHOTO: YouTube/BuzzFeedVideo

Many of us know that Kylie Jenner did not invent lippies, but with the help of her ~*excellent*~ marketing team, the Kween's Lip Kits have taken over the beauty industry. And it looks like Kylie isn't stopping there. On August 5, Kylie told the entire world about her instant ramen obsession, proving that she is, in fact, ~*one of us*~ (kinda): "I add butter, garlic powder, and an egg to my ramen noodles. What do [you] add?" 

And because we live on the Internet and are under the reign of King Kylie, people just HAD TO try this recipe. Here's how it went down:

Kylie loves ramen so much that she got this ramen-themed birthday cake for her 19th:

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