9 Foods You Probably Didn't Know Were Low-Calorie

Like champagne!
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In general, I try not to worry about calories and I'm usually pretty happy to eat anything in moderation. Nevertheless, I still like to know what indulgences aren't crazy high in calories. Bear in mind, though, that the term "calorific" is relative, and doesn't always equate to "healthy." Here's a list of 9 surprisingly low-calorie food and drinks:

1. Kit Kats

If you can summon the will power, just 1 stick of a normal Kit-Kat bar will add up to only 54 calories (the whole two finger bar has 107 calories, while the four finger has 232).

2. Chicken McNuggets

It all comes down to moderation. For two tasty chicken McNuggets, you consume an inconsequential 85 calories.

3. Ketchup

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Having seen the option above, you were probably wondering in gloomy silence what you could possibly do with two naked nuggets. Don't worry, each packet of ketchup is only 10 calories. Even if you wanted a full quarter cup of tasty tomato sauce to accompany your treat, you would still only be consuming a measly 67 calories.

4. Subway Chicken Sandwich

When your friends all want some drunk eats at the classic sandwich shop, but you're trying to be healthy, choose the Subway chicken sandwich for a hearty 304 calorie meal packed with 27g of protein.

5. Starbucks Cappuccino

If you love a frothy, milky coffee but you're afraid of what it might do to your health regime, take pleasure in the fact that a Tall serving of Starbucks cappuccino with skimmed milk comes out to only 70 calories.

6. Champagne

This one may surprise you, but Champagne has roughly 90 calories per glass. A lot safer for your calorie counting than even red wine (approximately 125 calories per 5 fl oz).

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7. Avocado

Even though it's full of healthy fats, this superfood has gotten a bad rap for its caloric content. However, half an avocado comes out to 160 calories, which is even less than a 190 calorie chocolate chip cookie dough Quest bar.

8. Pickles

Who would have thought? Pickled cucumbers, also known as the beloved pickle, are one of the lowest calorie snacks you can indulge in. One medium sized pickle comes out to a whopping 7 calories.

9. Microwave Popcorn

Settle in for a movie night people because we have the low-calorie movie snack for you. For each cup of microwave popcorn you are only consuming 64 calories.

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