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New Christmas Drinks & Treats To Enjoy At Your Fave Coffee Place

'Tis the season to enjoy fave coffee drinks and indulge in sinful desserts and meals. You'll be rewarded with that coveted planner after a few rounds--plus the chance to help the community.

With somber All Souls’ Day behind us, it’s just holiday cheer from here on out, and your favorite coffee shops are finally releasing their yummy Christmas blends, food items--and planners, of course!

One of the coffee brands whose Christmas releases we’re sure you’re anticipating, Starbucks, launches their lineup of holiday beverages and delectable treats today, November 3, along with their new planner promo!

Holiday Indulgences

You can finally enjoy your seasonal faves Toffee Nut Latte and Peppermint Mocha once more, but also look forward to the new Christmas drink that can rival the two: Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha. Just the sound of it will make you crave for a cup instantly (wait ‘til you see it in our gallery!). If you’re a traditional brewed coffee drinker, have a sip of holiday cheer when you try the full-bodied Starbucks Christmas Blend (also available in VIA Ready Brew).

All three holiday drinks go well with the 15 new and returning food items that will make your mouth water the moment you see them on display in the store (or in our photo gallery).

With the delightful combo of these holiday beverages and treats, we’re sure you’ll have no trouble completing stickers for the nine Christmas beverages you need along with eight regular Starbucks drinks to get the coveted Starbucks Coffee 2012 Planner. (If you insist on ordering just their core beverages—excluding bottled drinks--you’ll need to collect 23 stickers.)

Must-Have Planner

Starbucks outdid itself again on their ninth year of releasing planners. For one, the limited edition planner now comes in five unique wood covers (Poplar, Bamboo, Cherry, Spruce, and Oak), and is made using environment-friendly materials; it’s light and easy to carry, don’t worry. You ladies would also love that it now comes in a more compact size that fits well in your purse, with its own handy pouch, a bookmark, and nine different coupons that can be redeemed at all Starbucks stores in the Philippines in 2012.

You can start collecting stickers beginning today up to January 8, 2012. And since Christmas is about giving after all, for every planner you redeem, a donation will be made to SparkHope, Starbucks Philippines’ flagship program for early childhood care and development in partnership with UNICEF.

Launch the gallery now to view the holiday drinks, delicious eats, and planners through the years!

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