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Quick Bites For Gals On-The-Go

Try these Filipino-made offerings that are easy to eat and fit perfectly into your busy lifestyle.

Living healthy doesn't always mean subsisting on greens, fiber, low-carb food, and such. Sometimes, all it boils down to is actually eating at all when we're supposed to. How many times have you had to skip breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner to meet a deadline for school or work? We used to take for granted how easy it was to enjoy three balanced meals a day, but now, a lot of us neither have the time (nor, alas, the budget!) for that.

Fortunately, there are quick, hassle-free meal options for Pinays on the go. They are convenient and affordable, yet provide the nourishment you often don't get, given your hectic lifestyle.

Yummy, Hearty Breakfast (And More)

Warm and fluffy, waffles are comfort food most of us associate with breakfast. If your mom can't make them for you as baon, grab one (or more) from Waffle Time. Since they set up shop over a decade ago, they have gained reputation for their readily available, really filling snack. These waffles are great options for busy people on the move because they are freshly-cooked and healthier than most other fried options. Incredibly affordable at only P10 to P20, you can stock up on them for your baon to school or work. Better yet, enjoy them while on your way to school or work and save even more time!

Waffle Time offers 16 regular variants for different tastes. Want a filling choice for breakfast, lunch, merienda, or even dinner? Try the savory flavors of American Hotdog, Cheese Delite, Tuna Salad, German Cheese Franks, Ham & Cheese, Canadian Bacon, or Spicy Chickendog. If you want a sweet treat for dessert, get the Mango Magic, Pineapple Pleasure, Belgian Choco, Swiss Chocolate, Ultimate Ube, Bavarian Cream, Very Blueberry, Strawberry Surprise, or Choc-nut.

Packaging Pinoy Favorites

For a lot of us Pinays, diet or no diet, a meal isn't complete without a serving of rice. If you need a more filling meal option for your packed schedule, try one of those ready-to-eat rice meals in portable airtight packages, like iMeal. The packaging keeps the food fresh and preserves the home-cooked flavor of its distinctly Filipino offerings, which include Binagoongan Rice, Yang Chow Rice, Adobo Rice, and Chicken Teriyaki Rice.

Bring it to the office and eat it in the pantry when you're too busy to go out for lunch, or keep them at home in your emergency food stash, since it has a long shelf life (over six months!) and doesn't even need refrigeration. To serve, just heat the pack in the microwave or in hot water for two minutes, and you're good to go!

Thoughtful tip: Are your family members living abroad missing Pinoy food? Send an iMeal care package to give them a little taste of home.

Waffle Time stalls can be found at major shopping centers and even MRT/LRT stations, and iMeal is available at Robinsons Supermarket and other groceries and convenience stores nationwide.

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