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LIMITED: This *New* Dessert Is Perfect For Anyone Obsessed With Root Beer Floats

Suddenly, you're a kid again, begging your mom for a float!
PHOTO: the lost bread

When I was young, every Saturday was "family day" for us. We did the usual stuff. We had brunch at a diner, went to the mall, spent an afternoon at some daycare-slash-playground, before ultimately eating my favorite meal of the day: dinner.

Part of the reason why I loved dinner so much is because when I was old enough, my parents would split a root beer float with me. It was thrilling to be drinking something that had the word "beer" in it (because obvi, that meant I was also a grownup). Plus, who wouldn't love something that had ice cream, right? 

If you loved root beer floats just as much as I did, then you're in for a real treat. The Lost Bread has introduced their new collaboration with Mug Root Beer, and it took me back to my childhood:

This soft-serve ice cream is mixed with Mug Root Beer and served with chocolate syrup. the lost bread
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The Lost Bread's Mug Root Beer Float Soft-Serve Ice Cream is available for a limited time only. the lost bread

Priced at P95, the Mug Root Beer Float Soft-Serve Ice Cream will be available for a limited time only, starting February 18, 2020. 

Here are all of The Lost Bread's locations. 


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