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Here's What Life Has In Store For You In 2020, According To Your Zodiac Sign

What are the stars saying?
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Use star power to help you map your way, astrology-style, to a stunning New Year.


Love: Mixing business and pleasure doesn’t always work out, but this year, you’re going to dare to blur the lines between your love life and your career.

Career: Your career takes precedence over all the other aspects of your life—which can mean impressive growth, but also no time for anything (or anyone) else.

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Travel: Are you ready to take the biggest risk ever by planting yourself in a brand new place? Travel this year means more than just going on vacation.

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Money: When people say they want you to do well, they mean it. Accept the windfalls that come your way and use them wisely.

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Love: If your heart’s in it, there’s no doubt that you’re going to make your relationship work, even if it means defying the odds. Thinking about an LDR? Don’t sweat it.

Career: The day job’s not cutting it and you don’t have to settle for that. Dream up the side business you’ve always wanted to run.

Travel: Hopping on a plane is exactly the medicine you need when your cubicle and desk are sucking the life out of you. Want freedom? Book a spontaneous trip and fly solo.

Money: There’s no time to waste when it comes to money matters. Don’t dawdle when it comes to the stock market, investments, and bonds. Think long-term.

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Love: True to your Gemini heart, you may experience a tug of war between settling down for good with just one person or letting yourself loose in passionate flings.

Career: Try not to let your imagination get the better of you when it comes to career goals. Steady does it is your mantra for 2020. Go with what gives you stability.

Travel: If you’ve been wanting to give yourself a big physical boost, ship yourself out of your home base and travel to get your heart racing. Surf, ski, skydive—do all of it.

Money: Make a promise to get yourself out of the red this year and stick to it. Pay off your bills and after you’ve settled, think about sending your credit card into retirement.

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Love: 2020 means giving equal parts of your heart to others and to yourself. Don’t go scrimping on self-care. Train yourself to nurture yourself. Put the focus on you, too.

Career: Keep yourself from operating on autopilot—you don’t want to be just another cog in the machine. Think about what you really want to do. Then do it.

Travel: Maximize your leaves and go on a real trip—one where you don’t have to constantly check your email or tote your laptop everywhere you go. Think: retreat.

Money: Finances can be overwhelming when you have to deal with everything on your own. Enlist the help of a professional—get a money manager or an accountant.

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Love: If you’ve been experiencing the seven-year itch (even before hitting seven years), it’s because 2020 is your year to have some fun. Date around. Play.

Career: Don’t just assume you’re the wunderkind who’s going to sail to the top. You’ve got to put in some hard work now. To impress others, you’ve got to educate yourself.

Travel: A trip without squeezing in some meetings, networking opportunities, or even seminars is a trip wasted. Do business if you want to upgrade yourself to business class.

Money: Your mental energy is better spent handling big picture things. Set up a foolproof system for your money matters so you don’t have to deal with the minutiae.

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Love: You’re not going to see the change you’ve been wishing for in your love life until you let yourself take bigger risks. Leap and the (love) net will appear.

Career: It’s high time you pursued that big idea that’s been sitting in the back of your mind for years now. Pitch it, sell it, and execute it if it means that much to you.

Travel: People have been entrusting you to book flights, plan itineraries, and keep everyone on schedule for far too long. Put your foot down. You’re traveling for you.

Money: Think beyond the traditional when it comes to income streams. The digital space—whether it’s through social media, SMEs, or websites can bring in the bucks.

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Love: You’re not going to win if you rush things. Dial down whatever pace your relationship (or your hunt for a partner) is on. Take your sweet time.

Career: With gas costs going up and the commute becoming impossible, it’s high time you considered seriously working from home. You’ll make it work.

Travel: Think about squeezing in a little bit of work every time you hop on a plane. Something about travel could help you rake in some money. Just be inventive.

Money: Make a commitment this year to stay away from big blitz spending. Your credit card needs a major breather after 2019.

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Love: Who says you’ve got to stay single while waiting for The One to come? There’s nothing wrong with dating around while you bide your time for a big time commitment.

Career: New opportunities aren’t going to open up for you if you stay stuck in your little bubble.

Travel: Say goodbye to flying solo—2020 is all about exploring new places with your nearest and dearest. Make it a family or friends trip—the more the merrier.

Money: Partner with folks who have more experience when it comes to wheeling and dealing. It’ll boost your confidence.

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Love: You’ve been wishy-washy on love for way too long. 2020 is your year to go all in and do the major commitment thing. You can handle it.

Career: Reinvention can seem daunting at the beginning of the year. Be patient and give yourself some time to figure out your footing. It’s going to be better than your last gig.

Travel: With your focus set on your finances, travel may have to slow down this year. Think quicker trips, shorter distances, and staycations instead.

Money: Many of your life decisions will be based on your bottom line. Stay adept and self-aware when it comes to money matters and you won’t flounder.

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Love: Fill your heart with self-love all 12 months of the year. It’s not going to be easy to say no to a fling or a tempting potential partner, but stick to your guns.

Career: It can be tough to handle everything if the people you work with just don’t get it. Time to throw the frustration away and really consider working solo.

Travel: Visiting spots that make your senses go into overdrive is exactly what you need. Eat all the things, smell all the fragrances, and let your eyes feast on new places.

Money: Your wallet could benefit from a fresh (and maybe unexpected) source of income. Have you been ignoring a potential investor? Rethink your money sitch.

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Love: Get ready for some drama this year because old flames may return, and long forgotten emotions may come flooding back into the present. Guard your heart.

Career: Ride the wave of ambition that’s floating through your veins this year. Don’t shy away from bigger dreams and stronger yearnings. You’re up to the challenge.

Travel: Long-term traveling—as appealing as it sounds—could bore you out of your wits. Think of bouncing around from city to city instead, and you’ll be positively entertained.

Money: Your soul takes precedence over finances this year—which means the six-figure paycheck isn’t worth it if you’re dealing with people who go against your ethics.

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Love: Seriously consider letting your friends fix you up with that person they’ve been talking about forever. Stay open. Don’t judge. Let yourself be surprised.

Career: You’re ready to hit higher targets, pitch bigger agendas, and make a couple of slam-dunks. Tech could play a big part in your career success in 2020.

Travel: While solo trips suit your disposition; the planets encourage you to add some of your fave friends to your travel crew this year. It’ll make adventuring more interesting.

Money: Yay you—you’ve finally reached a point where you’ve got some extra cash to play around with. Put it in causes that mean something to you. Don’t settle.

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