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Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of December 16

What are the stars saying this week?

The Jupiter-Uranus trine on December 15 sprinkles everyone with just a little bit of luck and trailblazing, risk-taking energy. Push yourself out of your comfort zone this week and see where surprising risks can take you.


It’s second nature to you to leap into the unknown and do something just because feel mo. That not-so-hidden talent will be especially useful to you this week, as Jupiter and Uranus ask you to change things up and give the people around you a big shock. Fear might hit you at the last minute, or you may experience just a hint of guilt after you do the risky thing that everyone else is afraid of. When that happens, trust in yourself and in the Universe. You’re on the right track.

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Move on na tayo from your old tendencies to just stick to what works and to resist trying anything new. There’s an itch you’ve wanted to scratch for years now, but your Taurus brain has managed to convince you that it isn’t a good idea. That’s about to change because the voice in your head is becoming too loud to ignore. First, acknowledge that you’re worthy of the change you seek. Second, all signs have been pointing to yes for ages now. Third, what are you waiting for?

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As the lead-up to the Christmas break kicks in, everyone’s busy hatching last-minute party plans, running around town for giveaways and favors, and heading to Divisoria to do catch-all Christmas shopping trips. Lahat ng tao, aligaga, TBH. But if there’s one person who can actually do all the things right now—and do them right without getting things mixed up—it’s you. Gamitin mo na ang powers mo to give everyone the holiday party they deserve. Think of it as your act of generosity this season.

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You’ll be tempted every morning this week to hit the snooze button just one more time. Legitimately, and with very good reason, sobrang pagod ka na talaga. But the Jupiter-Uranus trine that caused sparks on December 15 is begging you to climb out of your comfort zone to give this year a final, energetic push. You may assume that you have nothing left to give, especially at work or with family, but you’ll be surprised at the results these grace under pressure vibes can actually yield.

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There’s no room for self-doubt this week, Leo. With everyone on hyper-holiday mode, your energy is much more functional, useful, and productive when spent helping others, gathering the troops, and leading initiatives rather than questioning your abilities. Everyone’s running around like headless chickens these days and they need you to pave the way—at least until the break begins. Hindi naman sa pagmamayabang, but kaya mo kasi. Step up, volunteer, and do the right thing.

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If there was one week out of an entire year to take a risk, bare your soul, and allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of everyone, this would be it. It’s time to shed all the layers you put on to protect you, Virgo. Get a high from singing karaoke in front of a crowd. Experience the thrill of making a firm decision without analyzing your options to the fullest. Do something spontaneous, romantic, freewheeling, and unpredictable. The stars can’t wait to see what you’ll be pulling out of your bag.

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There’s a difference between being diplomatic and becoming a doormat, Libra. Even if in your heart of hearts, you forgive someone for walking all over the boundaries you set for yourself, you can’t turn soft now. Be firm and do what’s right. Even if that means other people will have it rough, you can’t bend over backwards for them. Your career, most especially, is no place for turning a blind eye to things. You’re not being mean, you’re being fair.

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Because you’ve been tripped up and tricked by people before, you like to stick to your boundaries and shield yourself from getting too close and too personal to people right off the bat. This week asks you to let your guard down even just a little bit. A new acquaintance may surprise you with their ability to connect to you in deeply invigorating, possibly life-changing ways. Let people in. Sometimes, it’s actually worth the risk.

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There’s a very healing, very therapeutic energy that comes with giving your time, presence, and energy to others who need it. A lot of people could really benefit from your company, Sagittarius. So if you can spare an hour or two for friends who are going through something big, or for co-workers who need the extra assistance, do it. The rewards will come tenfold. Kung ma-inspire ka, try extending that generosity to something even bigger, more far-reaching, and more impactful.

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While your to-do lists, task lists, and deadlines normally give you a feel-good rush (iba ka talaga, Capricorn), this week finds you just wanting your freedom from all those responsibilities. The stars grant you permission to call in sick—even if you have an important presentation coming up—because you don’t want to feel the fatigue kick in come next week. Load up on the Berocca, do something totally unrelated to work, and treat yourself. Deserve mo.

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If you don’t plan wisely, you could seriously go crazy with your Christmas shopping, especially since it’s crunch time right now. Run through everyone on your gift list and do the ruthless work of crossing out anyone who doesn’t really need a little token from you. (Honestly, how many metals straws does one really need in one lifetime?) You can spread the Christmas cheer in some other way. Hindi kailangan bigyan ang lahat, especially if your disappearing bonus is already worrying you.

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The planets encourage you to collaborate this week, Pisces. The energy that comes from just dealing with work or family stuff all on your own is getting pretty stale, and you need an infusion of fun, fresh ideas from someone unexpected. Trust that you can find support in even the most seemingly walang pakialam people—in fact, they can probably help you in more ways than you think they can. Surrender the need to take care of everything and everyone on your own. Hindi naman kailangan.

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