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Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of December 2

What are the stars saying this week?

Your career gets a huge boost with Jupiter in Capricorn starting December 2. Gird your work loins, get your laptop ready, and see how you can skyrocket to success. For some lucky signs, this transit could also mean an added oomph to your love life *wink wink*.


You’re going to have a busy, booming career life over the next year, so it’s wise to use this week to start setting intentions, figuring out your small and big goals, and making an actual plan (even if it kills you to do it). Open yourself up because once things get going, tuloy tuloy na ‘yan. If you feel like you’ve been struggling uphill forever, the impact of this advancement is going to feel even bigger and bolder. Your stars know you don’t need a self-esteem boost, but they’re giving it to you anyway because why not?

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You’re about to wake up, get out of bed, and realize that you’ve been living a relatively comfy life in a tiny, protective bubble and newsflash—hindi mo na type ‘yung ganun ganun lang. For the first time in a really long time, you’re going to want more for yourself. That corporate job will seem meh compared to the business you didn’t know you wanted to put up (‘til now). Your college degree has always seemed k lang, but now you’re thinking about earning your masters. Ride the wave and put yourself out there.

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You’ve been running away from money matters for long enough. It’s time to get your head in the game because you may just realize that you’re actually pretty boss at managing your finances, playing around with investments (who would’ve think), and picking the right bonds to buy. Seryoso na ‘to. Make it happen and if you feel like accountability’s going to be your major roadblock, team up with some money savvy pals who can show you the ropes of this whole new world.

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If opening your heart up has run you to the ground and ngarag na ngarag ka na sa love, this week is going to urge you to try one more time. Just one more time, Cancer—you know you’ve got it in you. Trust that you’ll pick the right one, you’ll forgive what needs to be forgiven, and will take your chances on someone who’s #worthit. You’ve lived and you’ve learned, and you haven’t reached the end of the road just yet. The door hasn’t closed completely. There’s still a chance.

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Think you know how the story goes, Leo? Think again. This week, hindi ka magpapatalo sa Christmas rush and you’re actually going to find it in you to push for more. If the last couple of years have had you cramming your Christmas shopping ‘til the 24th, you’re going to make yourself proud this week and show you can actually get on the To Do’s, hit the malls, and finish it all up—despite the traffic. You’ve been underestimating your ability to organize and this time around, you’re going to prove yourself wrong.

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You’ve been boring everyone around you with your endless rants about work and life and blah, blah, blah. But this week, you’re finally going to snap out of it and see the world for more than the minutiae it’s been dealing you. No more hermit nights spent finishing work while everyone’s out—you’ll be inspired to pop out of the house, wear your chicest outfit, and have some fun. Watch out world, Fun Virgo is about to come out and play. Push.

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Medyo serious tayo this week, Libra. If you’ve been faffing around these last couple of weeks, having endless dinners with friends, Netflix-ing ‘til 4:00 am, and just spending all your time doing basically nothing, things are about to shift. Get your head out of the clouds and start getting serious about the big things in life. Are you happy where you’re at right now? What about the big move that’s been haunting the back of your mind for the past couple of months now? Time to think about it. Tick-tock, tick-tock.

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For your serious goals to really happen, you’re going to have to think about becoming your very own personal PR machine. As much as it irks you to turn yourself into “a personal brand,” you might have to in order to expand and grow whatever it is you’ve been nurturing for a while now. Stick to whatever’s authentic to you so you don’t do anything super cringe-y. Let your message reflect who you are in a way that everyone can clearly see, hear, and understand.

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We know that the last thing you want to do right now—especially smack dab in the middle of holiday season—is to sit yourself down and process all your money plans. The thing is—and this is good news—the stars have so much good juju lined up for your finances next year. And if you can just get excited about it as early as now, you’re going to maximize all the opportunities and get bigger results. Pag-isipan mo nahindi naman mahirap! Do your homework.

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You may be saving all the resolution-making ‘til January, but Jupiter in Capricorn is urging you to start now. Like now na. Clear the decks as early as now because admit it—you get excited about planning and vision boarding anyway. Why delay? Opportunities will be lining up for you all through next year and you want to be ready the minute they come knocking at your door. Para hindi ka na mataranta when it happens, right? Crack open your 2020 planner and get on it.

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While everyone in the zodiac is being urged to start rushing through their plans and focusing on growth, you’re being asked to stay still, reflect, and hibernate for a while. It’s time to take it easy—no hurries, no worries. If the idea of packing your bags and moving yourself and your doggos to Siargao to be a surfing digital nomad has been in your mind, it’s time to actually, seriously, consider it. Line things up for yourself and get ready for a year of rest and relaxation. (You’re going to make everyone so jealz).

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There’s no better time to wear your team player hat than now—your energies are absolutely needed in a group project, a company-wide intiative, or a community-based endeavor. But before you dive in and start helping others out with their work, give yourself a check first. Make sure that anything you sign up for is aligned with your big goals, your core values, and what you actually want to do. It isn’t worth being extra generous with your time and energy if things don’t line up.

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