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19 Best Things To Do In Siargao In 2019

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With a slew of newly established direct flights from Manila, Siargao has become easier than ever to get to. Still, the island remains sparsely developed, making it even more appealing to travelers who are hungry for natural beauty and slower pace. Although it is known for its world-class surfing, Siargao also offers breathtaking scenes and thrilling activities for those who can’t quite catch waves. It’s no wonder it has become a prime destination for Filipino and international visitors alike. Here are our choices for the best activities to do and places to go while you’re in Siargao.

  1. Magpupunko

    These rock pools are one of the most visited places in Siargao. For one, it is a gorgeous spot for cliff jumping, swimming, and exploring. And it is also just a 45-minute motorbike ride from General Luna, where many tourist accommodations are. There is a catch though. Some days Magpupunko is closed to touristsso be sure to check before you make the trip there. Also, it can be very dangerous to cliff dive into the rocky waters when the water is low, so come during high tide!

  2. Cloud 9

    This famous wooden pier is the perfect place to see the sunset or to watch pro surfers shred the gnar. This white sand beach with clear waters is close enough to villas and hotels for tourists to conveniently walk to. Plus, visitors don’t have to be surf aficionados to appreciate the area. Non-surfers can enjoy the beach, as well as the variety of restaurants and cafes nearby (with lots of vegan and vegetarian options, of course). Meanwhile, surfers can dive into the ocean for some world-class waves!

  3. Sugba Lagoon

    This lagoon is definitely one of Siargao’s must-visit destinations. Surrounded by mountains, the turquoise waters that visitors love to paddleboard, snorkel, and dive into from the iconic wooden platform are strictly monitored. This means that only a limited number of people can visit at a time. The result is an incredibly clean natural space with room to breathe!

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  4. Tayangban Cave Pools

    Adventurers can enjoy Siargao’s Tayangban Cave Pools by booking a tour with a local guide. This 25-minute excursion will lead you through a cave system that full of cool waters. Our advice is to be prepared to be submerged, meaning, wear a bathing suit and bring a waterproof camera. This experience is perfect for bigger groups.

  5. Santa Monica

    If you’re looking for a more off-the-beaten-path Siargao experience, visit Santa Monica, one of the towns in the northern part of the island. Being that most tourist accommodations are on the east coast of Siargao, this northern beach is one of the few places to see an epic sunset. Moreover, this tiny town set between the mountains and the sea isn’t too crowded. So, you’ll be able to get a truly relaxing island experience.

  6. Harana Surf Resort

    This popular surf resort boasts “great company, excellent service, and sumptuous food.” But more than just offering high quality accommodations at an affordable price, what makes this hip, young resort truly special is that it prioritizes environmental sustainability, as well as uplifting the local community. By supporting this establishment, visitors are helping the local economy and ecosystem!

  7. Fili Beans Espresso

    Set inside Harana Surf Resort, Fili Beans Espresso is the place to go for the best cuppa on the island. Sourced locally, and paired with delicious treats, the high-end coffee comes a variety of hot and iced options, with soy and coconut milk alternatives.

  8. Greenhouse Surf-Yoga

    Before Siargao was a hot vacation spot for Manila yuppies, it was known for being a world-renowned surfers paradise that attracted people interested in communing with nature and grounding themselves in the present. What better place to immerse yourself in the authentic spirit of Siargao than at Greenhouse Surf-Yoga, an eco-friendly resort that offers its guests the opportunity to take yoga and surf classes.

  9. Shaka Siargao

    To experience the mouth-watering smoothie bowls that have been popping up on social media, head to Shaka Siargao. Perfect for fueling up after a surf sesh, the healthy power bowls and cold-pressed juices are made from fresh local fruits. Even the yogurt is made in-house. But not only is the menu delicious and healthy, the chill bohemian atmosphere just a stone’s throw away from the famous Cloud 9 beach, makes this spot a great place to hang out for the day to meet fellow travelersand take Insta-worth food shots.

  10. CEV Ceviche & Kinilaw

    For some of the freshest seafood Siargao, stop by this much-loved restaurant. CEV Ceviche & Kinilaw is located in General Luna, and serves a variety of vinegary Peruvian and Filipino dishes. Surprisingly, it also has many vegetarian options, so it’s the perfect dinner spot for a large group that can’t decide what to eat.

  11. Kermit Surf Resort & Restaurant

    Kermit Surf Resort is your one-stop-shop for the ideal Siargao getaway. Whether you’re a foodie who wants to indulge in the island’s best Italian food, or an eco-warrior who wants to experience environmentally-conscious accommodations, or an adventure junkie who wants a high-adrenaline tour package, or a (wannabe) surfer who is interested in taking lessons from some of the island’s bestKermit has it all. The only thing is that this wildly popular resort gets booked up fast, so be sure to make plans with them way ahead of your trip.

  12. Karagatan Restaurant

    Karagatan Restaurant is the best place in Siargao to get modern Asian cuisine. With its quaint dining huts with woven furniture, looking out over the sea, this is the ideal setting for a romantic couple’s dinner. However, if you’re more interested in cocktails and beach lounging, you can do that here as well!

  13. Arka Hayahay

    This quirky resort offers cute accommodations that are shaped like boats. Even the on-site restaurant, which serves fresh, healthy meals, looks like a ship. It’s a fun place to spend the day, so we recommend booking this resort for one day/night when you’re not busy island hopping or going on other excursions.

  14. Dapa Town

    If you want to get away from the idyllic beachside views of General Luna and see more of local life, visit Dapa Town to the south. This municipality is built around a port area, meaning it’s a great spot for market-shopping and deep-sea fishing. But be warned, this city has not been developed to be a tourist destination. So, it won’t have all the creature comforts you’d get in General Luna. That said, if you’re looking for a unique, and arguably authentic, Siargao experience away from hordes of vacationers, this is the place for you.

  15. Kitya’s Place

    Located in General Luna, Kitya’s Place is a cute cafe built from upcycled materials. The vibe here is slow-paced, hippie-ish, and homey. Here, you can munch on wraps, sandwiches, and desserts while looking out towards the beach. Or you can mingle with the friendly staff zipping in and out of the open-air kitchen. On Sundays, they have an acoustic jam session you can join.

  16. Guyam Island

    Guyam Island is just 2 kilometers off mainland Siargao, so it is a popular island hopping stop. With no infrastructure, this tiny powder-white island is topped with a tuft of green tropical trees, and surrounded by pristine waters and a vast reef. If you’re into filming with drones, this is the place to get your best shots.

  17. Corregidor Island

    That’s right, Siargao’s got a Corregidor Island. This nearly-deserted nature lover’s paradise also goes by the name Casolian Island. Regardless of what you call it, it’s one of the best places to see vibrant coral reefs in the area. To get there, you have to take a 45-minute boat ride from General Luna. Once there, it’s very possible that you won’t want to leave. And fortunately, there are a few adorable and affordable hostels to stay at!

  18. Taktak Falls

    The secret to enjoying this spot is to go a day or two after heavy rains, that way you can experience the full power of this majestic waterfall. Unfortunately, however, during the dry months, the falls are more comparable to a tricklewhich can be super disappointing if you travel the 2-3 hours from General Luna to get there. So, plan accordingly. Or just be flexible and adventurous. At the very least, you’ll enjoy the roadtrip through Siargao’s gorgeous scenery on the way.

  19. Beach Cleanup

    When visiting any place, it’s best to be conscious that you’re not just consuming experiences and resources, but also giving back to the local community. One of the best ways to do that in Siargao is by joining a beach cleanup activity. You can check with your resort or tour operator if they have options. Usually, beach cleanup activities last for half a day and involve removing plastic and other garbage from the sand and water. It’s a memorable and meaningful way to end a trip on this beautiful island.

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