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Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of December 23

What are the stars saying this week?

This week, we experience a Capricorn New Moon post-Christmas, which encourages us to start planning, getting goal-oriented, and envisioning the 2020 we want to unfold.


Think you can dust off all the work stuff because the year is over? Think again. Brand new career inspiration enters your sector during the upcoming Capricorn New Moon. Resist the urge to party all night or give in to reunion exhaustion by putting in a last ditch effort to brainstorm 2020 career plans. ‘Wag magpa-BI—this is serious stuff that could definitely boost your career next year, and saying no to this final burst of inspiration could do you a disservice.

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Ano na? Did you do that big thing you promised yourself you’d finally accomplish this year? May time ka pa. This Capricorn New Moon supports any last-minute plans to tick that one last thing off your 2019 To Do list. Don’t let yourself sleep on your goals even if you feel it might be too late already. It ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings! If you need extra inspiration, don’t keep your big goal a secret. Let your friends rally around you as you give yourself a big push.

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You’ve got money on your mind and that’s not a bad thing. Keeping your funds in your savings doesn’t seem enough anymore—something in you is saying you’ve got the goods to do more and earn bigger. Buddy up to your favorite ballin’ tito during Noche Buena and get some free advice on money matters. It’ll make you feel good to kick off next year knowing that you’re working towards more security and stability. Get ready to take notes.

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Tama na muna love life—this new moon in Capricorn is urging you to shift your focus from relationships to career, business, and potential. You may have been telling yourself and everyone else that being super concerned with your professional life isn’t “you.” But who says that “you” can’t change? If you’re feeling an urge inside you to explore climbing that corporate ladder, getting an MBA, or even applying for an apprenticeship, wala naman masama. Go for it.

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Magaling ka when it comes to talking about big dreams and big plans, pero paano ka naman sa execution? Make good on your promises and prove to everyone around you that you can deliver. It’s time, during this Capricorn New Moon, not just to show off the big goals you have for yourself but to show you can answer the whys, wheres, whos, and hows to make it happen. Your life has the potential to become extra colorful next year, if you live up to your own hype.

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You’ve been in your head all year, Virgo. It’s time to shift out of your ultra-intellectual state and give your heart a chance this time around! If you’re single, aminin mo na na type mo rin naman magka-relationship. If you’re coupled up, admit to the fact that you’ve been to busy for your partner and it’s about time to up the status quo. Resist the urge to stop making relationships your focus next year. The second you face up to the fact that you’re finally willing to open your heart, the Universe will provide.

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If your dream relationship miraculously lands on your lap tomorrow, what are you going to do about it? It’s best you prep yourself for these surprises because chances are, the Capricorn New Moon will be ushering a fresh, new chance at love and relationships for you. If you’re single, commit to finally saying goodbye to the ex who keeps popping up in your Insta explore feed—it’s the only way you’ll make room for someone new. If you’re partnered up, think about how you can finally level up the relationship.

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If feeling mo mag-isa ka with everything you have to deal with, and if you keep complaining about how you’re all alone, wala talagang lalapit. But the minute you declare (like literally say it out loud—seryoso) that you can welcome some new person into your life—whether to help in your career or your personal life—then you’ll find that they’re going to make their presence felt. Kailangan mo lang gustuhin. Don’t overcomplicate your situation. Puwede naman madali.

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If money’s been causing a lot of headaches lately, the Capricorn New Moon is set to endow you with a lot of clarity this week. Difficulties won’t seem too tough to work out, help will be on its way, and you’ll finally hack the financial puzzles you’ve been having a hard time solving. Once inspiration hits, run with it. Bawal ang tamad. Banks may be closed, your money manager may be on vacation right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to shut your mind down. Think about it. Plan. Perfect. Just go with it.

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It’s your New Moon again this week, Capricorn! And it’s time to engage in one of your favorite activities, goal-setting, vision boarding, and planning. You’re in your element right now so lubus-lubusin mo na. While other people are having a tough time roughing it with their resolutions, you’re having a hell of a time with it. And that’s a good thing! ‘Wag ikahiya, especially since magaling ka naman sa ganyan. Beware of setting limits and restrictions to your goals. Go as big as you want to.

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As the year comes to a close, you’re invited to rise above all the petty stuff that’s been dragging you down all 2019. Realize that closure doesn’t always come when we expect it—and sometimes it doesn’t come at all. With the end of the month coming up, make it a point to wrap up all the hugot you’ve been harboring because you definitely don’t want to take it along with you to a brand new decade. Time for change, Aquarius. No more wallowing in the past.

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You’ve been taking care of a lot of things on your own, Pisces, and sure, it’s served you well. But as the year ends, you’re encouraged to share the load (and sometimes, even the stress) with the people around you. It’s time to shift to Group Think. ‘Di mo naman kailangan solohin lahat. Move into 2020 knowing that you aren’t alone and you’re, in fact, surrounded by people who share your values, love you, and want to support you. Make it a group effort.

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