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Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of December 30

What are the stars saying this week?

Getting things done is on everyone’s mind as we experience a Mercury-Uranus trine right before the New Year.


Sorry, not sorry to report that work will still be on your mind as we head into the New Year. Kahit gaano mo pa pilitin to get into the holiday spirit, you’re really just in the zone when it comes to career, all things biz-related, and financials. Embrace it, Aries! This is just a sampling of all the work inspo that 2020 is going to be gifting you with. Might as well get ahead of the competition and crack open that laptop while everyone else is busy partying. Your future self thanks you for this.

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All this exposure to family can push you over the edge and cause some very un-Taurus-like outbursts. Mabuti na rin to say what’s on your mind, but try to dial down the harsh words, petty grievances, and unnecessary drama. No one’s in the mood for a big family blow-up, tbh. And you also don’t want to the aftermath of all of this to be the very first thing you have to take care of when 2020 starts. Take a breath to temper your anger, and communicate your ill feelings in the most diplomatic way possible.

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‘Wag magmadali. Everyone’s still getting nostalgic about the past year and the past decade, and here you are, wanting to leave everyone behind your trail of dust because you can’t wait to leave it all behind. Make some room for getting senti so you can at least give yourself some credit for all the growth that’s happened over the last 10 years. Before you know it, this week’s going to be over and everyone will get back to the grind. Makisama ka naman.

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Get out of the house and spend some time with your pals. Don’t spend New Year in bed, under the blankets, with Netflix as your sole companion. If they’re all too busy doing their own things, you might want to tap some co-workers or people you’ve met through your career, even if hindi kayo super close. The New Year is ushering in some seriously positive career juju especially in the realm of collaboration and co-mingling. Don’t dismiss this social circle just because you know each other from work.

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You cannot help your Leo-ness from shining through because every conversation is going to revolve around you and your fab plans for the coming year. Who cares if you’re hogging the spotlight? Those who aren’t interested can just leave the table. You’re in too good a mood to not share it with others and that’s what everyone loves about you anyway. Maraming makaka-benefit from your good vibes so spread the love and good cheer. Your plans and resolutions are inspiring.

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Efficiency is on your mind as everyone chucks their work in favor of champagne, fireworks, and merry-making. Once a Virgo, always a Virgo! Panindigan mo na lang, diba? But try to curb your overenthusiasm about getting back to work by sending New Year’s greetings to staff and clients instead of work-related emails. Dial it down, just a little lang naman. Everyone will be relieved to hear from you and not have it be about all the serious stuff.

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You’re starting to get flashes about how to make 2020 so much better than the previous year. Don’t let that inspiration run away from you—write it all down, record yourself saying it out loud and save it on your hard drive, or even call a fellow Libra friend up so you have an accountability partner. You don’t want to lose this fresh sense of motivation—in fact, you want to hype it up and make sure you sustain it at least through January. Go you.

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It’s time to lay all the baggage of the past behind and start hanging out with new friends, old friends, and people you had beef with ages ago. You’re seeing yourself rise out of all the old issues that pervaded your past, and it feels wonderful to finally be above all of it. Go circulate while you’re in the mood—minsan-minsan rin lang naman ‘to nangyayari. Reconnect and recalibrate, especially with folks you haven’t seen in ages. Play up to being a social butterfly this week.

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Was there something at work that you absolutely gave up on already? Even though it feels like you may have moved on from that issue already, this week is asking you to stop, turn around, and head right back to it because the stars just might provide you with the answers at the last-minute. Everyone loves an 11th hour miracle, and this could just be your chance to get yours, Cinderella. Brace yourself for the successes that may come from this surprising turnaround!

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While the rest of the zodiac is leaning into serious, efficient Capricorn vibes, you’re being asked to lighten up this week. Masyado ka kasi minsan na-o-obsess sa details that you forget to look at things long-term or you fail to see the big picture. So ease up on the tiny little things that you keep trying to get right and see how everything connects when you zoom out, even just a little. You’ll find that you can go easy on yourself. Relax! Enjoy your vacation.

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If you feel like you’ve been getting relationships and heart-centered stuff wrong all this time, you can be grateful this week for some revelations that will finally make you understand why certain people have disappointed, failed, or rejected you in the past. Closure is coming and right on time, since it’s exactly what your heart needs as we round out the decade and head into a new one. Take these lessons to heart and promise that you’re going to do your best to make positive change happen in 2020.

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It’s important now, more than ever, for you to be with like-minded people. You don’t want to end the year with people na kontra na lang sa lahat, right? Surround yourself with those who support you and know the difference between real, genuine support and enabling! Start forming your resolutions with folks who are on the same page as you so you can inspire and boost each other, while calling each other out on your BS, too. Say goodbye to the kontrabidas in your life—you don’t need them.

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