Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of November 18

What are the stars saying this week?

Congratulations, you’re (almost) at the end of Mercury Retrograde! But does this mean the stars are letting you totally off the hook? Probably not. Here are a few things to watch for as you edge out of the troubles brought on by the retrograde.


If you delayed some plans and projects during retrograde season, you’re probably itching to get back on track and want to dive into work headfirst. Resist the Aries tendency to rush. Be gentle with yourself and ease yourself back into the flurry of busy-ness and doing, doing, doing. Take things one step at a time, and do yourself a favor by practicing a lot of self-awareness and self-care.  You don’t want to crash and burn just because you’re eager to get ahead. Hinay-hinay.

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If some of your relationships sprung into total tension during Mercury Retrograde, it’s time to heal. Give your partner a fair chance to talk and instead of butting in and defending yourself like the stubborn bull you are, zip it and listen patiently. ‘Wag ka na makisabay sa gulo—there’s enough drama and chaos going on outside your personal life. Chances are, a large part of you still wants to work things out. Instead of calling it quits, work things out.

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Sure, there’s a lot to whine about—the water shortage, the traffic, and all the headlines that hit you every morning. It’ll probably serve some people and institutions well to hear your constructive criticism (go ahead, leave the bad review on Facebook if you really must). Just don’t bring your tendency to nitpick and criticize into your personal sphere—the only thing that’s going to serve is your ego. Shore up your capacity for gratitude instead. It’ll be challenging but so good for the heart.

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If you’ve been feeling personally attackedt by your nearest and dearest lately, find it in your big, big Cancer heart to forgive them. Some behavior is inexcusable and ought to be fought, but—admit it—some offenses may just really be due to the communication busts brought on by Mercury Retrograde. If you keep up an unforgiving façade, you’re only going to be standing in your own way. Let go, let love, and let them know if they pull another fast one on you again—retrograde or not—they’re in the doghouse.

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Feeling extra competitive lately? Check yourself, wala ka naman sa reality show and that attitude isn’t going to win you any prizes. If you’ve been wanting to topple everyone off their high horses, look inward instead and get curious about why that feeling’s been coming up lately. You’re going to need a lot of deeply internal, reflective work to do this, and it’s going to be tough. But if you can manage to look inward and discover your inner demons, you’ll thank yourself for it.

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It’s time to smooth things over, Virgo. Release your inner kraken and sort out all the delays that have been messing up your workflow, iron out any misunderstandings or miscommunications that have been happening between you and your friends, and basically just keep things on the straight and narrow again. The Universe is also granting you permission to finally get that new gadget you’ve needed for a while now. Lubusin na ang zero percent installment or buy-now-pay-later plans.

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If you’ve been bugging your balikbayans titas to bring home a box for you, filled with your Black Friday loot, think again. Give your credit card a rest and let your shopping bug ease up. You don’t need to jump on every hot sale just because you’ve done a Queer Eye marathon on Netflix and you feel your lewk is just not up to speed. Shop your closet instead because the stars guarantee it—there’s a lot in there that you haven’t fully utilized just yet.

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It’s time to come out of hiding, Scorpio! As Mercury Retrograde ends, you can finally let your powerful self emerge. It’s time to stop feeling like you have to hide behind propriety. Let your pala-away self come out and play. If you feel that some people deserve a talking-to because they’re getting away with tons of nonsense, then speak up. You’re known for spurring important change and saying what everyone else is thinking but is too afraid to say. Blow that whistle.

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Look back on the last two years and try to notice the patters, situations, and people that have been holding you back. Starting this week, bit by bit, you’ll finally be able to see yourself rising out of dire straits. If you haven’t been able to see or feel the light at the end of the tunnel, here’s your chance to put on some binoculars and see real change happening in your life. Empowerment is a big theme for you this week. Think of it as the prologue to an epic story—your epic story.

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Your career life has been as backed up as EDSA during rush hour on a Friday and it’s about time you greenlight everything that’s been stalled, unsealed, and undelivered. Get a move on, Capricorn. The Universe isn’t going to be as capricious as it was during Mercury Retrograde so you can proceed as planned. Work faster if you can, so you can get right back on track without any further delays. In the process of seeing things through, don’t forget to trust your intuition.

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If you’ve been feeling nostalgic for your high school barkada and have been singing that APO song in your head, wondering if it’s even possible to patch up old wounds, wonder no more. Peace among your friend groups is within reach—you just need to get the ball rolling. It might surprise ex-friends if you started a chat group out of nowhere, but they’ll most likely appreciate the effort too. Capitalize on the holiday spirit, Aquarius. Let the peace talks begin.

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When people tell you to be “grateful for what you have” and start their sentences with “Pasalamat ka nga…,” it gets on your nerves, doesn’t it? (You can say yes, we promise we won’t tell). If you’ve been downplaying your feelings for the last year or more, know that the planets are giving you permission to reach farther than what your comfort zone is giving you—especially in the realm of relationships. You won’t find happiness if you don’t allow yourself to let loose and break free.

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