Here's Your Horoscope For The Week Of November 25

What are the stars saying this week?

A Mars-Uranus opposition in the sky means that things can get hot and heated for most folks. Read up on how to calm yourself down during this tense week, so you can actually enjoy the lead-up to the holidays.


Your temper just might get the better of you this week, especially if you’re surrounding yourself with people who know exactly how, when, and where to push your buttons. If someone’s pissing you off, you don’t always need to play nice and pretend it’s not bothering you. But do make an effort to spin whatever’s annoying you into something positive. Don’t let yourself fester in it (even if you want to). Let it teach you a lesson instead. Vent and move on—repeat three times until your fire fizzles out. Kaya mo 'yan.

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Your insistence on getting your own way and never budging from your stance could be smothering the person you’re dealing with. Oo na, may point ka naman. The thing is, everyone feels that way. You think you’re in the right? So does the other person. And no amount of hovering around them, repeating what you know and believe to be true is going to change their mind—at least for this week. Loosen your grip on the issue and blow off some steam somewhere else and with someone else.

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You know how smart you are and that’s gotten you out of some tricky situations before. However, just because you think you know everything doesn’t mean you do. ‘Wag magmarunong. Riding on the high of past successes could get you into trouble, especially if you’re brandishing a cocky kind of confidence (Newsflash: No one appreciates that). Play humble this week, listen to what other people have to say, and don’t let your mouth get the better of you.

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Your heart’s cracked wide open this week—and that’s a pretty great thing. The last couple of months have seen you wanting to exercise control, enforce some rules, and nitpick everything your partner does. This time around, you’re learning to loosen your grip, practice tolerance, and retreat back into the compassionate, kind, and super caring self you know you really are. It’s time to let your defenses down. Love by example—your partner could learn a thing or two from you.

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Tensions arise at work, especially when you find yourself surrounded by slimy, unsavory characters that always seem to nab the spotlight. When the attention you know you deserve goes to other people who are so not worth it, your Leo temper can go flying off the handle. Hayaan mo na sila. Do not stoop to their level—it’s not going to help. Instead, take every measure to highlight what you’re good at so that the powers that be recognize you for your true talent, and others for their true colors.

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Watch your tongue this week, you do not want to engage with all the negative rants, thoughts, and opinions that are filling your head this week. Sure, maraming nakakainis sa mundo. And while many of them deserve a talking-to, you don’t always have to be the person to swing the axe at them. Try a little tenderness when it comes to your words, Virgo. Mahirap, pero kaya. And if you can’t come up with anything at all, just keep that mouth zipped.

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No one needs to tell you that you have a co-dependent relationship with your credit card. Take your power back and abandon that shopping cart! Your 13th month pay has already kicked in and you’re feeling like a boss, ready to hit the holiday sales. Maybe you’ve even secured a large space in your tita’s balikbayans box for when she flies in for Christmas. Resist the urge to place all your eggs in the retail therapy basket. Save instead of splurging.

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Because your day-to-day can spark up a lot of tensions, you’re encouraged to head into a different realm this week. Instead of engaging in a heated argument with a client who’s been irritating you since your project together started, pencil in some time to take that much-needed siesta and dream the annoyance away. Not only will this leave you feeling a little more refreshed and rested, it’ll prevent you from jumping into impulsive decisions brought on by the heat of the moment.

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It’s time to face up to the fact that everything at work seems to be ticking you off because you’ve fallen out of love with what you’re doing. Kung gusto may paraan, kung ayaw may dahilan. And this week, the reasons to get pissed off have been mounting higher and higher. Use up any leaves you’ve got left to really take a self-imposed retreat and ask yourself what if what you’re doing still satisfies you. Is there another way to get a paycheck in without selling your soul?

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You’ve grown in leaps and bounds this year and your success is causing some major internal drama in other people. Problema mo pa ba if what you’re doing well is wreaking havoc on other people’s egos? Of course not! Be aware that when some people come at you—trolls and all—may issue lang talaga sila sa sarili nila. It’s them, not you. You may be tempted to lash out at the haters, but try to stand back and just mind your own business. The stars aren’t playing devil’s advocate this week, so keep it together.

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While the rest of the zodiac’s doused in anger this week, you’re getting a big dose of the feels. It’s okay if you’re feeling out of it, Aquarius. You can’t be on all the time. Sometimes, things don’t feel right and you don’t need to understand where all of it is coming from just yet. Give yourself a big hug and do all the comforting things you need to do to hold space for yourself. Call in sick if you have to—that Netflix queue with all the Pinoy rom-coms could be just the medicine you need.

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So you’ve taken Facebook off your phone so you stop getting notifications when your titos and titas post their less than savory political commentary on social media. Next, you’re probably going to want to mute and block anyone on your Twitter feed who just stirs up a lot of hate. It’s okay to disassociate from people who add an inordinate amount of chaos to our lives. While sometimes, it’s encouraged to engage and hear others’ opinions, this week, it’ll probably do your sanity good to just walk away.

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