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Why It’s Important To Celebrate Your Failures

Sometimes your best just isn't good enough and that's okay.

Everybody knows that rejection is a part of life. We’re sure you’ve been told that the most successful people failed over and over again before they got their big break and that there will be THOUSANDS of other opportunities waiting for you. Logically, you know this to be true. It makes sense, but it doesn’t make rejection hurt less.  

You go through a state of emotional self-flagellation where you obsessively re-assess every move you made. Maybe the word limit was at 750 words and you only submitted a 700-word essay. Maybe you waited too close to the deadline to make your pitch. Maybe you wore the wrong blazer and that’s why they went with somebody else. Whatever it is, we always feel the need to berate ourselves, as if that makes the entire experience more of a learning process. Let us tell you: Self-loathing shouldn’t be part of how you cope.

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Just like any breakup, you do not need to hate yourself in order to heal or be productive.

So we’re proposing that the next time you get rejected, celebrate that failure like you would any other piece of good news. Buy something you’d normally see as too expensive or too indulgent. Invite your friends over for wine and cheese. Wear your sexiest outfit and go dancing!

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Look at that failure and recognize all the things you deserve to be proud of! Was that your first time submitting a business plan? Did you spend hours learning how to play the guitar for that composition? How many drafts did it take to write that screenplay? In the end, rejection can’t take these things away. You took the plunge and that counts for something.

Every piece of news can’t always be good but it can always be a reason to celebrate.  

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