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House Tour: Inside Kendall Jenner's 'Bohemian And Funky' Home

Choose your fighter: Kendall’s LED orb or Gigi Hadid’s giant pen.
PHOTO: YOUTUBE/Architectural Digest
  • Kendall Jenner gave Architectural Digest a tour of her Los Angeles home.
  • With neon accents, green tile, and gold bathtubs, Kendall’s home reflects her eclectic taste.

Days after Gigi Hadid stunned the internet with her divisive dyed pasta cabinets, New Yorker–plastered bathroom, and life-size yellow pen, Kendall Jenner was like, “Hold my gigantic salad” and gave Architectural Digest a tour of her impressive Los Angeles home.

By now, we all know that while Kendall likes to indulge in culturally appropriative styles like the rest of her family, she’s sorta like the black sheep, opting to keep her life as far away from the TV cameras as possible. And judging by her home tour, her decor style is totally different than her sisters’ as well.

While Kim Kardashian goes for extremely minimalist crypt-like designs, Kylie Jenner designs with glamour and luxury in mind, and parts of Kourtney Kardashian’s home have been described as “bizarre,” Kendall’s taste is more “bohemian and funky.”

I mean, that’s pretty clear as soon as you “step in” to her home via AD’s photos and are greeted with a pink LED orb that’s made to meditate in front of. And through the rest of the tour, you can tell that Kendall is dedicated to making her home as peaceful as possible. Like, the woman doesn’t even have a TV in her living room, and everything—except the neon signs and LED decor—is in earthy tones. (She also gave an honorable mention to her art studio and how it’s become a form of therapy for her.)


And if you watch the accompanying video, Kendall explains that the sign in her bedroom is the measurements of the artist’s ex’s penis size. Amazing. See for yourself:

Kendall moved into this home about a year and a half ago, and it definitely looks like all the hard work designing and curating everything paid off. Alrighty, I feel sufficiently poor now, so bye!


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