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10 Things You Should Stop Being Tamad About This Weekend

You know what feels better than sleeping in? Productivity.
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1. Cancel your ~unused~ gym membership.

It’s May. You should be honest with yourself and just accept the fact that the gym membership you signed up for in January was an impulse buy. You got carried away by the idea of “new year, new me,” and it’s okay. It happens to the best of us. But if you’ve only used it five times since then, it’s just costing you too much money now.

2. Unsubscribe.

Go through your bank or credit card statements and see what you can unsubscribe from. Too often we just say yes without thinking about it and then we get lazy to take it back. Don’t be that girl—you probably can’t afford it.

3. Clean your email.

What’s more cringe-worthy than seeing a red icon with 587 notifications by your phone’s email app? Nothing. If you follow #2, you’ll be fixing this issue in a way because we all know that a lot of our subscriptions send too many annoying emails.

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4. Tidy up your closet.

Take everything out, set aside the 20 pieces of clothes in your usual rotation, and then look at what’s left in the pile. Decide which ones you can’t live without and which ones other people can benefit from.

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5. Upgrade your filing system.

If you’re the type of person who has to turn her entire room upside down just to find a passport, a birth certificate, or any other important document, you don’t have to be. Buy folders from the nearest bookstore, and file away.

6. Organize your refrigerator.

No, we’re not telling you to eat everything. But salad dressing that expired in 2016 should be thrown out. Half-opened chocolate bars or forgotten takeout boxes also have no place in your ref.

7. Start your at-home exercise routine.

Cling on to the hope that this is the year you’re finally committing to your health and fitness and start at home. TIP: YouTube workout videos are your besties.

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8. Go through your contact list.

Delete numbers that no longer exist, names you don’t even recognize, and people you have no intention of talking to again—YES, including your ex.

9. Sign up for that one workshop or volunteer program you keep thinking about.

Walk the talk, girl. If you want to give back and be part of your community, then go for it.

10. Finish the book that’s collecting dust by your desk.

And promise not to buy a new one until you do. 

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