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Liza Soberano Trying To Get Through Five Meetings In One Day Is All Of Us

Plus an online class in the morning. Wow!
Side by side photos of Liza Soberano reading books on the left; and attending an online meeting on the right

Her most highly requested video, Liza Soberano finally indulged her fans with a day in a life vlog. The actress reveals that she attempted to shoot the video three times but her Internet was just not cooperating.


What you may find surprising about her day is that even though she's at home, she's been incredibly busy. Her morning starts with breakfast and coffee before she fixes her bed and takes a shower. Next on the agenda is her online class: That day, she learns about linear correlation and regression analysis. 

Liza Soberano attending online class
Liza Soberano attending online class first thing in the morning. YOUTUBE/LIZA SOBERANO
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Liza Soberano's school notes
Remember taking notes in class? YOUTUBE/LIZA SOBERANO

Here's Liza attending her first meeting of the day; in total, she has five! Oof! 

Liza Soberano attending a Zoom meeting
Liza Soberano attending meeting #1 of 5. YOUTUBE/LIZA SOBERANO
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Boyfriend Enrique Gil arrives at her house, and we get a glimpse of him dancing to BTS' "Dynamite" before they attend a couple of meetings together.  

Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil attending an online meeting
Liza and Quen attend an online meeting together. YOUTUBE/LIZA SOBERANO

Liza also opens a few presents from shops that have sent her gifts. Once they're done with work, it's time for dinner. And surprise, it's sinigang! Fun fact: Liza's favorite side dish is peppers. 

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Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil eating dinner together in Liza's home
Sinigang for dinner, yesss! YOUTUBE/LIZA SOBERANO

After dinner, she cleans up her room, spends time with Rianne, showers, and does her skincare. She mentions noticing more lines on her face: "I know that I'm aging but that's fine because that's part of human growth. It's just a natural process that we all have to go through." YAS.

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Here's hoping we see more day in the life vlogs! 


Watch the entire vlog below:


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