11 Things All Twentysomethings Should Stop Feeling Guilty About

It's OK to eat pizza, you guys.

1. "I don't own a house yet." 

Yes, it's annoying not being able to paint the walls and yes, paying rent every month is frustrating, but unfortunately you're in the same boat as the majority of your peers, so stop being so hard on yourself.

2. "Should I have a boyfriend by now?" 

Unless a bunch of James Reid clones are about to turn up at our doors with their clothes off, chances are you're single because you're picky and don't want to settle. AND THAT'S FINE.

3. "I shouldn't have eaten that pizza last night." 

Overindulging is a classic cause of guilt because you can pretty much feel the regret inside your stomach, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it once in awhile. One too many slices of pizza isn't always a bad thing, and the same can be said for most things. Don't beat yourself up for having one extra whatever.

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4. "I feel bad for having a sick day off work." 

Time and time again, women feel guilty for taking a day off sick and being ill in bed because they think everyone at work will judge them for it. Girl, chances are they'd judge you so much more for coughing all over the place and giving them all your germs. You work hard and illness is inevitable, so if you don't feel good? Just take the damn day off. 

5. "I'm not as successful as I thought I would be by now."

A lot of twentysomethings beat themselves up for not living up to the expectations they set themselves when they were younger. It's because at age 13, being a twentysomething seemed pretty adult and stuffNow? You've only just learned how to use the washing machine by yourself, which is a feat!

6. "I feel guilty for feeling sad without a proper reason." 

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If you said you've never cried for no specific reason, you'd be lying. We're all guilty of it. Most aspects of your life might be tip-top and dandy, and you might still feel like having a little cry, and that's fine.

7. "I've barely seen any of the world." 

Traveling the world is inevitably at the top of most people's bucket list, but so is having a sustainable, comfortable life that involves routine and habit. Traveling the world is hardIt involves taking a risk, leaving your normal life and booking a one way ticket abroad, which takes courage that needs building up to. Feeling guilty for not doing it yet? Don't.

8. "I wish I knew more about X." 

Whether it's politics, world geography or the Kardashians' middle names, you've probably felt guilty for not knowing much about a topic at one point or another. But it's wasted energy, because you can't expect everybody to know everything about everything. 

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9. "I should probably have some savings by now." 

See no. 1. When a large proportion of your wage goes on rent and living a vaguely manageable life, having savings is hard. But you're not alone, and most of your peers will be in a similar boat. If your friends are ordering another tequila on a Saturday night and not really thinking about it, don't let that guilt eat you up either.

10. "I was much better looking when I was a teenager." 

Comparison is the thief of joy and the sister of guilt. It's easy to look back at pictures and berate your current self for being fatter/thinner/triangular/fluffier with blobs on, but it's a thankless task because you are who you are and the person you were made you the person you are now. You are fab!

11. "I shouldn't have spent my whole weekend in bed." 

Nothing says Sunday night like a feeling of dread for Monday morning and guilt about "wasting" your whole weekend lying in bed. Then again, it doesn't count as wasted in our books if you managed to watch a whole series on Netflix and eat four bags of chips in one sitting. If anything, that's an achievement.

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This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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