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Nicole Andersson Opened Up About How She Worked Multiple Jobs In College

'In the back of my mind, saan ako pupulutin? What else is gonna happen to me?'
Nicole Andersson talks about past struggles
PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/nicole_andersson

Nicole Andersson recently guested on Kryz Uy and Slater Young's podcast and we got to know more about the influencer. Apart from talking about being discovered in a club, her experience with voice acting, and growing up in the industry, the host also got candid about all the struggles she's gone through to get to where she is today.

Though she started working at a young age, Nicole initially saw it as an "extracurricular activity," something she did when she wasn't in school. She told Kryz and Slater, "But one thing my parents always made me promise them—it was mostly my mom—was that I would be able to do entertainment as long as I would finish a degree. That was the deal, which is why I stopped and went to university abroad. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made."

Nicole Andersson talks about past struggles

ICYDK, Nicole is the daughter of veteran actress Jean Saburit. The two had a "public falling-out" and because of this, Nicole had to "fend for herself abroad." This meant that for a while, she stayed over her friends' houses a lot and held three jobs to keep afloat. She has experience being a tutor and a student caller. Because she was "so broke," Nicole made sure to always hit her quotas and bonuses. "If you don't have money, you don't eat. You don't go home to your family. No one's going to cook for you."

When she was financially cut off in freshman year, Nicole's roommate helped her apply for several scholarships and grants that would cover her tuition fees: "In the back of my mind, saan ako pupulutin? What else is gonna happen to me?"

Nicole shared, "There was a time when I only has two dollars in my bank account." That's a little over P100 lang, guys. "I remember this so distinctly, I was trying to withdraw from my bank account and it said I couldn't...and I still had to pay for rent. I had nothing to eat, like for groceries. And I thought, 'Oh my god, paano ako kakain? What am I gonna do?'"

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To cope, Nicole used to sneak into the business school of her campus, where they served fruits, cold cuts, free water and coffee. "They just always had it out! I used to go in and pretend to be an MBA student just so I could eat the food, and I would sit in the class...At least I'm eating and I'm learning.

Looking back, Nicole said that her experience gave her the life skills and the work ethic she has today.

Here's a clip from Nicole Andersson's story on the Skypodcast:


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