Pads Vs. Tampons

Our Quickie Blogger asks a question that boggles most female minds: which is better, pads or tampons?

Here's a Cosmo Confessions-worthy booboo. I was enrolled in a university in the US for my sophomore year in college. I stayed in one of the dormitories on campus, which was an extremely convenient set-up for me. I'd wake up about 10 minutes before my early morning class, put on a hoodie, collect my books, and go straight to class in my pajamas.

I was running late one morning, and it was the second day of my period. I wore overnight pads, so I figured I could afford to just change after class. Once I got to the classroom, I picked a chair close to one of the girls from the sorority I was pledging in and started taking notes. Something didn't feel right but I couldn't be bothered to care or I'd lose track of what the teacher was saying.
When the class finally ended, I stood up and heard a collective gasp from my four friends who were all sitting around me. I looked down and saw a big, red stain on the chair, which my friends hurriedly covered with a sheet of paper. The back of my pajamas was soaked too. I got so flustered that my friends had to take care of cleaning up after me and escorting me out of the building as discreetly as possible. Right then and there, I vowed to give tampons a chance.

In the seven years since I started using tampons, I can honestly say that they've never failed me. I no longer have to worry about stains, odors, feeling wet, or being uncomfortable. I can also sleep soundly without having to think about it getting displaced, while I toss and turn in bed. Tampons fit inside you so snugly, that you won't have to worry about it slipping out. On the flipside, the fear of having a tampon get lost inside you is also unfounded. There's nowhere else it can go! If you feel around and can't find the string to pull it, squatting usually helps push it out.

Perhaps the best thing about using tampons is that it makes you feel like you don't have your period at all. You'll forget it's there because it doesn't bunch up, fold, or come off due to weak adhesive like pads do. It also catches everything even before it comes out, so you can say goodbye to sudden gushing. The worst thing of course is the rather invasive manner of insertion, but I'd trade comfort over a little bit of pain any day. The good in tampons definitely outnumber the bad.

Pads, on the other hand, are our tried and tested form of protection. Your mommy probably told you that pads would never take away your innocence like tampons will (because my mommy did), and for good reason. Sticking a pad onto your underwear will never hurt in the way that inserting a tampon does. Pads also protect your underwear from getting stained-something tampons can't do. They're quite reliable for day and nighttime protection, and you can buy them practically anywhere. In matters of absorbency, there is little to no difference between both feminine products, because you'll have choices that cater to the varying stages of your cycle.

So, in the battle of pads versus tampons, I'd have to call a draw. One is as much needed as the other. I learned to have the best of both worlds by wearing both pads and tampons on heavy days, so I won't be caught off guard. Whatever the tampon doesn't catch, the pad will. On lighter days, I revert back to the old school sanitary napkins. It doesn't really matter what you choose as long as you're in your comfort zone and the hassles of your monthly flow are slightly eased.

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