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Pamper Yourself At Home

On days when going to a spa actually feels like a chore, try these easy chill-out tricks in your very own home.
Sensualize your kitchen.
With the yummy fragrances and flavors, cooking can be so decadent. The only drawback? Switching on that glaring overhead light zaps the indulgent vibes. Instead, use unscented candles or plug in a lamp. The soft glow lets you surrender to the experience.

Lounge in the living room.
Your living room is likely the largest place in your abode, so spread out in it for an all-afternoon affair. Order in (the more decadent, the better), flip on trashy TV, and don’t even glance at your watch.

Score some boudoir bliss.
Here’s one blissful thing you haven’t tried in bed: Lie on your back so your head is toward the footboard and put your feet flat on the wall above your headboard with your knees bent. Feel the blood flow downward through your legs as stress melts from your bod.

Kick back on the porch.
Instead of having your AM coffee while rushing around, sip it on your stoop, porch, or balcony. Breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sounds of the day, and watch people walking their dogs.

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