Why Do People Think Fat Women Only Work Out To Be Skinny?

Newsflash: We don't.
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On October 8, 2017, Ashley Graham posted an Instagram clip of her working out—something she does on the reg. 

A few hours later, she addressed some of the comments she gets every single time she proudly shows off her progress:

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We're sure plenty of women hear similar remarks when they hit the gym. Personally, whenever I sign up for a membership or even mention that I'll be going to the gym, I get asked, "Nagpapapayat ka?" or some derivative of that—as if that's the only way I could better myself. 

People never assume it's because I'm trying to gain more muscle or train for a marathon or build my stamina. Nope, it just has to be because my goal in life is to be skinny. *eye roll*

So to give haters a lesson on why fat women go to the gym, Ashley listed some of her reasons. She works out to: 

  • Stay healthy.
  • Feel good.
  • Get rid of jet lag.
  • Clear [her] head.
  • Show big girls we can move like the rest of [them.]
  • Stay flexible [and] strong. 
  • Have more energy. 

To be perfectly clear, there's nothing wrong with exercising to lose weight, if that's something you need to help your body feel better. It's just not the *only* reason.  

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