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WATCH: This Pinay Won Awards For Donating Her Breast Milk To Children In Need

No matter where you are in the world, one way or another, you'll always feel the ~bayanihan spirit~ of Filipinos. Whether it's a simple or grand gesture, Pinoys are usually at the frontline whenever it comes to helping others. We've seen groups that manage relief efforts in the event of natural disasters, and we've discovered an organization that provides gently used bras and menstrual hygiene items to women who are homeless, refugees, in transitional housing, or fleeing domestic violence. In Lanao del Norte, there's even a Pinay vlogger who runs a weekly feeding program and provides meals to over 100 less fortunate children. 

Another inspiring story we admire is that of Chin Chin Tagala, a Dubai-based flight attendant and new mom. She has been living in Dubai for eight years and in June 2020, she started an initiative to share free breast milk for babies who are in need. 

pinay wearing face shield and face mask, holding a cooler with breast milk inside

Since there were a lot of newborn who needed optimum health (especially during the ongoing pangemic), what started as a simple post on her social media account eventually became popular. Through her advocacy, she is able to help mothers who are low in milk supply, mothers who are COVID-19 positive, kids who are in the ICU, and kids who have lost their moms. Every Friday, Chin Chin and her husband would take the time to drive and deliver breast milk to homes, hospitals, and isolation facilities.

packs of breast milk

Dubbed as the "Cow Mama of U.A.E.," Chin Chin's inspiring work has gained recognition from various organizations. So far, she has won the Humanitarian Award awarded by Prodigy Bureau; the Champion in Humanitarian Award by the highly respected her Highness Sheikha Jawaher Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa; and the Global Humanitarian Award organized by Expats Insider under the patronage of his excellency Suhail Muhammad Al Zarooni. "This advocacy started as a dream. And true enough, God really blessed me with a gift of abundance. Talagang grinab ko 'tong opportunity na 'to to help mothers who are in need of breast milk," she said.

Pinay wins an award for donating her breast milk

In fact, ever since she started her initiative, Chin Chin has inspired almost 12 moms to donate and share their breast milk as well. "Nakakatuwa talaga kasi alam mo 'yon, from me alone tapos ngayon, marami nang mommies. Talagang we are growing in numbers," she added. As of writing, the new mom has donated more than 380 liters of breast milk and has helped more than 41 babies.

Watch the video below and get to know more about Chin Chin's advocacy on breast milk donation.


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