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Plus-Size Model Katrina Gumabao Tells Us About Melbourne Fashion Week

Unsurprisingly, she SLAYED the runway!
PHOTO: Instagram/katarinuh

Only a few days after she got back from Australia, we caught up with Katrina Gumabao to hear about her experience at Melbourne Fashion Week.

What was MFW+ like for you?

It was an amazing experience! It was the first time I ever felt so much love and good energy for the body positivity movement. No crab mentality—just women, both strangers and friends, uplifting each other. We all admired each other and had an awesome time at the event.

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How many shows did you do?

There were a total of four shows, and I wore the clothes of five designers. I loved all of them, but my favorite look was the one by th.label. I felt SO cool—like MJ!

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What was the best part of the entire experience?

Getting to see Melbourne and meeting so many genuine people. It also opened my eyes to what body positivity can achieve. It can be tiring to fight for something not everyone understands, but I saw what could happen in the future. Now, I have more reason to never give up. 

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Were there any challenges?

HEELS! Not all of the shoes were comfortable. I had my heels, but the designers had their own as well. It was challenging because some of them were too big. Keeping up with my healthy lifestyle was also difficult. I missed working out. I ate healthily naman 80% of the time… but that 20% really got me indulging in desserts! 

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What did you learn from this experience?

 Don’t be your own hindrance.

What’s next for you?

I just signed with BELLA Management, an international modeling agency based in Australia, so I'm hoping for more gigs! But of course, I want more local projects as well, so I can keep spreading awareness about body positivity in the Philippines. 

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