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Polished and Professional

Is your job cramping your style? Donna shares dos and don'ts when it comes to looking work-appropriate.

Hi Donna!

I have been a Cosmo e-magazine subscriber for a year now and I am always looking forward to your style articles. I am currently working in a bank but I'm deployed on the field. As much as I want to wear skirts and heels for work, I can't because my job requires a lot of walking and commuting.

I find it difficult to look for office clothes that are presentable; clothes that would make me look like a real bank officer/assistant manager, and not just an agent. I also want to wear something comfortable when commuting.

Your suggestions would really be helpful not only to me but to other Cosmo girls who are like me.

Also, I hope you could come up with another "30 days" wardrobe feature like what you did in October 2012.

Thanks so much! More power!


23, banker