8 Poses Every Mahiyain Girl Needs To Try On Instagram

Take notes from your favorite celebs and influencers!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/mari_jasmn, (RIGHT) Instagram/nadine

There are women who can strike a fierce pose anytime, anywhere—oh, how we envy them—and there are some who need a little help. Believe it or not, your photos don't have to look cringey just because you're not super comfortable in front of the camera yet. Don't give up until you feel #GGSS. Here are some poses you can try if you're camera shy:

  1. The hand-to-face trend is still very much alive, ladies. 

  2. Look away and let your photo speak for itself.

  3. Who knew you could look cute even when the sun is in your eyes? Mari Jasmine, that's who. 

  4. Use your sun hat and add a little mystery to your pose. 

  5. Keep your eyes closed. 

  6. Add a different focal point. 

  7. One word: SHADES. 

  8. But most importantly, shake those nerves and just laugh!

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