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18 Questions Older Millennials Want To Ask Younger Millennials

Have you ever had to do your homework the old-school way—with an encyclopedia?
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ICYDK, millennials are "adults ages 18-35 in 2016," according to Pew Research Center. But with the wide age range it covers, obviously a career woman in her mid-thirties won’t feel much of a kinship with, like, a high schooler.

Below, some questions older millennials have thought of asking their younger peers, because surely not ALL of us have gotten on the Snapchat train.

1. How old were you when you got your first mobile phone, laptop, or tablet?

If we had asked our parents for those gadgets at the same age, they probably would’ve laughed full in our faces. (In fact, they did.)

2. How would you pass the time without your phone around?

Mobile phones weren’t commonly used until we older millennials were in high school, and even then, they weren’t bursting with features that could suck us in for hours on end—wala pang social media! The memories are hazy now, but back then we might have passed the time on long commutes and at mind-numbing parties just staring off into space and…thinking. Sounds boring, but we managed.

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3. Why do you have to take and upload so many pictures?

A lot of older millennials do the same thing, but generally the older we get, the less we obsess about what goes into our social media accounts. Because work, because bills, because kids, because responsibilities, because a host of other things that are just more pressing.

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4. How do you keep up with all these social networks?

We’re drowning in Facebook notifications as it is without having to come up with daily #ahrt posts for Instagram and #hugot musings for Twitter. And what even is the point of Snapchat if a post just disappears after 24 hours?

5. When was the last time you posted something online without an emoji or a hashtag?

Can’t there just be… words?

6. Can you go a day without checking your social media?

Yeah, we can’t, either.

7. Have you ever dated someone without looking them up on social media first?

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Pre-social media, we olds had to meet guys on the fly and hope for the best. Unless a guy told us himself, we had no way of knowing if we had 10 friends in common or that he loved the new Puff Daddy (look him up if you don't know him) single or that he had his lola’s tinola for lunch the other day. (Maybe through telebabad, lol!) With online stalking so easy to do these days, can you resist the urge to stalk, if only to retain some ~mystery~?

8. How easy is it for you to hook up?

We witnessed the tail-end of ligaw culture around the start of the millennium; after that, men seemed to stop “courting,” and together with women, just started “hanging out” and “hooking up.” Yay for women’s sexual liberation and all that, but damned if we don’t miss the romance and unambiguity of ligaw on those days we can’t seem to figure men and their motives out.

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9. How did you get so good with makeup?

When we were teens, we mostly went with just some lip gloss and face powder on the reg. Our eyebrows were ghastly things—either over-plucked or all over the place—that would make you youngins cringe to see today.

10. Really? Your parents let you out of the house in that?

Not that we olds don’t dare wear a crop top or short shorts when we’re feeling ~*fOxY*~, but if we had worn those when we were, say, sixteen, our parents would’ve grounded us for life.

11. What kinds of games did you play growing up?

We played patintero, tagu-taguan, and Chinese Garter; sungka and board games when we were stuck indoors; and a bunch of made-up games to keep ourselves entertained on those pre-Internet days. How about you? (Do you even know what sungka is?)

12. Have you ever had to do your homework the old-school way—with an encyclopedia?

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Encyclopedias used to be our saviors when it came to schoolwork—if you didn’t have a set of Britannica or Americana at home, you were SCREWED.

13. Are you old enough to remember Tower Records or ACA Video?

You’ll find them lame now compared to the bajillions of songs, shows, and movies that are just an online search away, but it was always a glorious experience to enter a place filled wall-to-wall with so many options you could actually hold in your grubby little hands.

14. What does “lit” mean?

So this year’s “lit” is kind of like last year’s “turnt”? Do we really have to change these terms each year? It’s exhausting having to keep up.

15. Why are you obsessed with Kylie Jenner?

Seriously, what is the big deal about this girl?

16. Do you think we’re old?

Be honest.

17. Are you saying we don’t look our age just to be nice?

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Wait, don't answer that.

18. Wait, why are you saying YOU’RE old?

Stop it. Stop saying you’re old or claiming you’re a tita. You’re just making us olds feel even older. 

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