Real Single Moms Write Love Letters To Their Kids


For single moms, today is both Mother’s and Father’s Day—whether by choice or circumstance, these strong women carry the huge responsibility of raising a child solo. Here, we got six real single moms to reveal through a short love letter what they wish they could say to their children, but can’t, won’t, or just haven’t yet. (WARNING: These letters might make you CRY.)


Angeline, 28:

Dear Syrena,

Most days go by like every other day. But then there are days—like today—when I focus on you so much more. After all, without you, I wouldn't be able to celebrate this day.

Thank you for helping me grow up and for giving me something to strive for every single day. Thank you for making me a better person and for helping me realize that small things—like you—are so much more important than big things.

You are my missing piece, my light and my life. I may not say or show it enough, but no matter how hard the journey, I am thankful to have you to share it with.

To infinity and beyond,

Wonder Woman


Maia, 32:

Dear Naruto, 

There were many times when I wanted to give up and not fight for things that matter anymore just so I could give you a “complete” family. But I chose to make that infamous choice, son. For now, it is best to sugarcoat things. I don’t want you to grow in hate.

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When you grow older, it is inevitable that we would have this talk. I hope that by that time, I have already made you proud and you would pat me on the back and say, “Mom, good job.”



Carrie, 34:

Dear Charles,

I know it has never been easy, and I'm sorry. But I promise you, it will get better.

I look at you and I feel nothing but awed wonderment at how I had you in such challenging and uncertain circumstances, yet I have nothing but warm happiness and pride in my heart. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep at night wondering how we're going to get through the future, only to be consoled by your warmth and reassured by your breath. It's going to be alright, anak. We'll wake up with your hand in mine, and welcome the sunshine together. The warmth is ours.



Anna, 30:

Dear John,

Do you know that sometimes, when you're asleep at night, I like to watch you and stroke your face? It is the only time I can observe you completely, when your limbs are still and your face, at peace. I stare at you, and I still can't believe that you are my son, and that you are beautiful. (I know moms say that about their kids all the time, but you really are unbelievably beautiful to me.)

Sometimes, in these moments, I feel like I don't deserve to raise such a beautiful person as you, and I am gripped by fear of the huge responsibility I am faced with. But here we are. I know a part of me will always be fearful of the future, but you are my partner in this. I know that somehow, we will make it work.

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Sam, 28:

Dearest Breanna,

Since the moment you came into this world, you have had a marvelous effect on mommy that is impossible to put into words.

You are the reason why I endure each time I feel pain, why I rise back up each time I stumble, and why I can still smile despite every disappointment. With you around, there’s a reason to believe that life is full of blessings.

I have had hardships and heartaches, but it's okay. I will fight and stay strong because I know all will be worth it because of you. You open me up to things I never knew existed. You drive me to do things I never knew I could. I am grateful to God because He gave me YOU.

I will be beside you every step of the way. Love life, anak. It is for you to savor and cherish.

Your loving Mum,



Kai, 33:

Dear Ken,

I promised to be honest once you finally ask why your dad and I broke up. That day finally came, and I won’t forget how you held my hand when tears started to fall. At that point, you were more a man than your father ever was to both of us when we were still together. You kept on until you asked me specifically why I left. It was difficult for you to bear. You covered your face with your hands and cried, too. You hugged me tight and said, “I love you always, mama.”

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It was your first heartbreak and I felt so guilty. I’m truly sorry but I know that you’re blessed with such a good and mighty heart, you’ll be able to carry on. Please know you are the only shining ray of truest joy in my life. Thank you, anak.




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