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Sarcasm Is Good For You, Study Says

Witty ka ba?
PHOTO: Giphy

A study on sarcasm, appropriately called “The Highest Form Of Intelligence,” is the validation you need for all those times you’ve been shamed for your witty comebacks and sarcastic quips.

Apparently, sarcasm has surprising health benefits for both the expresser and recipient. That’s right. You read it here: SARCASM BENEFITS EVERYONE.

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Why? We’re glad you asked.

In order to understand sarcasm, the brain has to be creatively stimulated. The delivery must translate between the literal and intended meanings of the sarcastic remark. This is heavily dependent on abstraction, which facilitates creative thinking.

Obviously, this doesn’t always apply to online interactions because the delivery isn’t as clear. It’s easier to misinterpret a sarcastic remark, especially if you aren’t close to the other person.

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So as with everything else, use it in moderation—and when the context calls for it!

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