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Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know About Scorpio

Scorpios stand for intense transformation.
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October 22 to November 21

Symbol: The Scorpion

Ruling Planet: Pluto

Best Love Match: Capricorn

Famous Scorpio: Bill Gates

Scorpios are fascinating to most folks—they’re mysterious and extremely comfortable with their sexuality. Fall into their trap, however, and they can also snap right back at you, causing pain. Scorpios stand for intense transformation—while their methods aren’t the friendliest, they spur change everyone needs.

At work, Scorpios mean business.

You can trust Scorpio to take their work seriously. They’ll dedicate themselves completely to the company’s cause, give more than what’s being asked of them, and at the same time expect everyone else to be just as solemn as they are in their commitment. Oftentimes void of a sense of humor when it comes to work, it’s best not to mess around with a Scorpio when it comes to work matters. Their inflexible nature just demonstrates how much control they want to have over a situation.

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Scorpio isn’t at work to socialize or make friends so don’t expect them to be the first to show up when water cooler gossip comes knocking on the door. All their mostly concerned about is being able to deliver good work.

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Those working with Scorpio know that it’s sometimes necessary to tiptoe around their feelings or be very particular about choosing the right words when dealing with them. Scorpio becomes aggressive when they feel unfairly criticized and can retaliate quickly.

In love, Scorpio waits before they go all-in.

When it comes to relationships, Scorpio likes to survey the scene before giving it all away. They want to know that their potential partner is worth the emotional investment before exposing the softies they really are underneath that hard exterior. Scorpio can go on a date and have it all go well, without their partner realizing that they’re observing everything that’s going on with a very keen eye for detail.

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Once they get over the initial hump and once Scorpio decides to dive into love, they aren’t afraid to bare it all. Known to be the most sexual sign in the zodiac, once Scorpio’s passions are tapped, they turn into magnetic, impassioned lovers. They’ll show this behavior not just behind closed doors, but also in luxurious spots—well-appointed suites for staycations and impressive degustation dinners.

Drama comes as second nature to Scorpio. They will easily spin into a jealous rage and lash out at you if you even dare test them. They can turn passive and withdrawn if they feel hurt by their partner. They’re protective of their loved ones and if they don’t receive the same care in return, their anger can reach boiling point.

Scorpio is highly selective about the friends they keep.

There’s a big responsibility that comes with being Scorpio’s best friend. They don’t really bring a lot of people into their inner circle, and if you’re lucky enough to be one of the chosen few, you need to be able to understand Scorpio’s deeply complex personas and also the emotional upheaval they constantly put themselves through. In return, Scorpio will treat you like no other friend can—they’ll be the perfect out of town companions, will invite you to every dinner or party, and engage in deep conversations with you too.

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Scorpio is the least high maintenance with their friends than anyone else in their lives. They look at their friendships as a reprieve from their mostly withdrawn and private selves and find it a huge relief to hang out and just chill with their closest buddies.

Scorpio is the family standout.

It’s easy to pick a Scorpio out of siblings because they’re typically the odd one out. Not in a forced or contrived way—it’s just that Scorpio’s tastes and preferences (for interests, food, and even pop culture picks) generally have them as the outliers. They also like to make their unique stance known and can be domineering, outspoken and aggressive about it. Scorpio wants to make sure everybody gets exactly who they are.

Scorpio is typically the appointed memory keeper among family members because they’re able to hold on to stories (and past traumas too) with the memory of an elephant. These stories can be wonderful when everyone in the family is in an engaged, nostalgic mood… but can also prove harmful when Scorpio decides to lash out and pull out the ammo.

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All Scorpio really desires in a family setting is to be treated fairly. They have no qualms about nurturing everyone else, as long as they get some genuine love back too.

In health, Scorpio needs to manage negative energy.

Because Scorpio likes to dive deep, they often find themselves surrounded by negative vibes—not just from their own personal lives but from other people too. If not prepared, it will be easy for them to absorb this energy and chances are, all that darkness can send them off into a psychologically and emotionally exhausting place.

Self-care rituals are key—whether it means soaking in a relaxing bath once a week, going on a silent retreat for a couple of days, or even incorporating meditation into their routine as a daily ritual. Anything that can help uplift Scorpio from their anxiety-prone personalities will do them a world of good.

Scorpio is also famous for their indulgent habits, so staving off a sugar, alcohol or any other kind of addiction is massively important. If behavioral intervention and professional help is required, make sure to get it.

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