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How To Fight Off An Attacker Inside A Car

Here are five self-defense moves you can use the next time you're threatened or attacked in a vehicle.

These days, there is no such thing as being "too paranoid." A healthy dose of paranoia can keep you safe, especially when women are constantly victimized. We’ve interviewed Krav Maga and Jiu-Jitsu experts to learn how women can learn simple yet effective self-defense techniques. But we wanted to go further and demonstrate the actual self-defense moves to use, so we collaborated with the members of JAB PH (Juan Against Bullying) to produce this video.

In addition to the tips presented in the video, JAB insists that it is much safer to let the car crash while you’re defending yourself against the assailant because it will draw a lot of attention. If the car is moving slow enough, it is also safer to just jump out.

DO NOT wait for the driver or attacker to stop wherever he plans on taking you. Act right away. 

JAB’s mission is to raise awareness against bullying, and to combat it by educating and empowering people with basic self-defense training. They teach participants about situational awareness and how to avoid dangerous confrontations. For the past two months, JAB has been holding self-defense classes for women. They’ve had over a hundred participants and they’re not stopping anytime soon.


JAB usually conducts their classes at Project Lifestyle Manila, but it has also partnered with several gyms in the metro, including Fight Factory.

For self-defense class inquiries and general info, visit JAB PH’s official Facebook page

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