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9 Struggles Only Skinny Fat People Understand

You look in shape. But in one angle only.

You look skinny. You look like you’re in shape because you’re not round (and let’s face it, people think that it’s healthier to be skinny than to be round). But you know you could do better in the health department. It’s the belly fat and the love handles—that you kind of have an apple shape in secret. That you don’t have enough muscle and you have too much fat for your frame. If this is so you, you’re probably skinny fat and can relate to these struggles:

1. You look in shape. But in one angle only.

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Which doesn’t count as being in shape at all. If you turn fully to the side or just 3 quarters of the way, you see that you actually have belly fat. That what you think look like abs thanks to some light and shadow or filter trick are just your ribs and the belly you try to suck in.

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2. Buttoning your jeans means making your love handles *pop!*

You have a pretty wide midsection, and you know for sure that that’s because of fat and has nothing to do with your bone structure. And that’s very clear to you when you button your low-rise jeans. Yup, you can pinch your sides and your gut when you’re standing straight.

The only good part about this? No one else knows about it save for you. Or if you’re taken, then you and your amazing partner ~*who loves you for who you are.*~ <3 <3 <3

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3. You have a love-hate relationship with loose clothes.

When you feel bloated and you want to cover your belly, loose shirts, polos, and dresses are your go-to articles. You’re thankful for them for drowning parts you don’t like. Still, you wish you didn’t have to—or feel like you have to—hide your figure. (You can either challenge the norm or work out more often. Both are easier said than done, but you have to do at least one of the two for your own peace of mind.)

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4. Waking up feeling perf but the moment you eat you get a food baby.

All plans of wearing tight, flirty dresses are probably out the window. Also, ugh, why did you have to love breakfast so much. 

5. You’re extra conscious of your belly showing when you wear tight clothes after you eat.

You may have worn a bodycon dress on a certain day since you thought you looked especially bangin’ with a tighter-feeling torso. But that doesn’t stop you from feeling self-conscious now and then; every time you munch on something it seems like your belly is taking a life of its own.

6. Forcing yourself to eat healthy food.

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You reward yourself for eating some vegetables yesterday by having a burger with fries on the side and some ice cream for dessert today. Yup, it’s ‘cos of a diet like that that you’re skinny fat. (Srsly though, vegetables need to be tastier.)

7. After a workout you feel like you’re super close to getting as fit as an athlete.

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The lies you tell yourself! LOL. But you know it’s not gonna happen if you don’t exercise regularly. And your rare 10-minute jog is far from getting you fit, what more as fit as an athlete. (It’s a start, though, right?)

8. People tease you for being weak.

You have a hard time popping open soda cans and bottles, you tire easily when you climb a few steps, and warm-up exercises feel like the real workout. As if those aren’t struggles on their own, people tease you for being weak since you are, and because you look fit and they expected more from you.

 9. People tell you to shut up when you say you feel bloated or say you’re out of shape because you look skinny.

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Every time you say you’re bloated or unhealthy, your friends respond “Ikaw? Mataba? Paano pa kaya ako?” You’re mistaken for comparing your body with other people’s—you’re really not. To you, you’re telling them that you’re not fit and that there’s more to a healthy body than actually looking skinny. You wish you could just tell them that your body fat really is high and show them all the flab you’ve been hiding, but they don’t want to see that. So you’ll just keep quiet and stuff yourself with food, all the while thinking you should change your lifestyle. #huhu

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