Summer To-Do: Learn T-Shirt Design, Film, And Tattoo Art!

If you're a college chick on break or a working gal who wants to learn a new skill this summer, check out the super cool courses offered in this ONE-of-a-kind school!

Let's face it: the two remaining months of summer won't all be spent on the beach or some fancy new destination. There are loads of idle days (or brain-draining work days) in between those trips we are looking forward to. So what's a Cosmo chick itching for some fun new experience to tide her over between trips to do?

If you're into fashion or interior design, media, or art--or at least would like to give them a shot--then check out this cool place to learn useful skills that would help bring you closer to your passion: The One School.

Seeking to differentiate itself from existing colleges that abide by similar educational standards, The One School offers life courses that are built around your specific desires. Having spawned the successful careers of furniture designer Mark San Diego, fashion designer Stacy Rodriguez, and DJ school owners Chase Hui and Jessie Suaco, The One School is a highly personalized college experience that can cater to just about anybody with a passion in life.

In fact, one of the first questions they ask their potential students is this: “What is your passion?” From this, they gauge your skill in that field and the profitability of taking the plunge. The teachers you are schooled under are none other than experts in that very field you choose, to ensure quality education from the very best.

If you’re already enrolled in the university and course of your liking, or you can't afford to balance work with school load (or to resign or take a leave of absence to commit to a full school year), then just take one of their summer courses. You never know--you just might find your calling. At the very least, you'll already have something fun to fill the rest of your summer days. These are some of the workshops they offer this summer:

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  • T-Shirt Design Workshop (by Jowee Alviar)
  • Silk-Screening Capsule Class (by Team Manila)
  • Short Film Workshop (by Quark Henares)
  • Tattoo Workshop
  • Street Art (by Jovenz Mayor)
  • Basic Illustration for kids (by INK)

To see the full list of schedules, classes, teachers, and to get in touch with representatives of the school, check out their website, You may also visit these other websites:

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