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Free Food, Video Call Dates, And Other Sweet Gestures During Quarantine

'Kumusta ka na? Ok ka lang ba?'
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Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this pandemic is the amount of love and care we've seen in our own communities. We always used to complain that our commutes ate up too much of our days. Now that most of us are staying put, we've been given a few extra hours, and some people have taken that time to connect with others—even if it's just through a computer screen. We asked our community, Cosmo Mixers, for the sweet gestures they've experienced in quarantine. 

Families and friends found ways to share food.

  • "I got laid off during this pandemic. I had the job for seven years and I was really devastated. My best friend, her partner, her partner's mom and their fur baby sent me some comfort food (my favorite carbonara, siopao, and leche flan) so I can feel better. The sweetest thing that ever happened to me this ECQ." -Paula
  • "My mother-in-law (with her quarantine pass) 'delivers' lunch to me almost every noon. They cook every day since they have a business with workers staying in-house, so damay ako sa head count madalas. If not for her, I'd be relying on canned goods and noodles." -Ginyn
  • "In our village, nagtutulungan lahat. We even have a Facebook page for everyone. So yung mga [may] tinatagong talent and recipes naglabasan for everyone to try for a cheap price. One day, I posted if merong nagbebenta ng Vit. C kasi naubusan na ako. Yung binilhan ko ng embutido before, nag-message na meron daw siyang isang banig na extra. Sa'kin nalang daw. Hinatid niya pa talaga sa bahay. Sa embutido lang kami nagkakilala. Sobrang nakakatuwa yung tulungan." -Lovely
  • "My cousins often bake cakes, bread, and cookies even before the quarantine. My sister and I, on the other hand, just recently started using our oven. So yung finished products, we make sure we send to each other via our tributes every two weeks. Pre-ECQ, I lived with my cousins in Manila so this is the longest we've been away from each other in eight years, huhu." -Trina

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  • "Friends have been sending over food without me asking for it! It's our new way of caring for each other. Also, the deliveries cost less than what we would usually spend on a night out. And this supports local business, too." -Lois
  • "My family and I keep going back and forth delivering food. My cousins sent my mom a salted caramel cake. My aunt sent North Park. The following week, she sent homemade soup and spaghetti. We sent relatives trays of eggs and saba because our neighbors are farmers. My uncle sent an assortment of bread and jam. It's fun to suddenly see a LalaMove or Grab rider when you're not expecting them." -Miel

Barkada bonding happened online. 

  • "My college friends and I have been making time every week for game nights, complete with video teasers, game assets, and prizes we promise to give each other when we finally meet after ECQ. It's not an outright sweet gesture, but it's been kind of our way of checking up on one another. I really appreciate everyone's commitment to it, especially despite our busy scheds. We used to go months without talking but we talk almost daily now. They keep me sane." -Astrud
  • "I live in La Union and my apartment is visible from the highway. When I'm walking my dog, sometimes a friend will pass by on a bicycle and shout out from the street to say hi to me it’s so fun!

    *plays “Little Town” from Beauty & the Beast*

    Then, before I started teaching yoga online, I was having a bit of technological stage fright. I had a couple of friends who joined in even if they weren't practicing in that moment. Sometimes, they were cooking or working, but they streamed my class in the background, just to 'keep me company' while I went on FB Live.
    " -Aussy
  • "My friend helped me arrange a quarantine karaoke on Zoom. Internet connections were so bad that everyone was singing different parts at the same time. I think my fave part was just dressing up tbh and well, feeling loved, haha." -Jasper
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Significant others paid more attenion. 

  • "My fiancee says thank you every time I cook for him because he knows I hate cooking but I still try. Also, he checks in on me almost every hour, wakes me up gently, and soothes me when I'm having anxiety attacks." -Twila
  • "I gave birth in February 2020, so this was my first Mother's Day. I thought about it, medyo excited kasi first but I was more focused on my baby's third month, so we celebrated the usual way: food and photoshoot (lol). I was a bit busy and then when I went sa room namin to get our baby's costume, there was a little box with a preserved rose, card, and necklace from the hubby! He was able to give me something kahit ang hirap ng shipping and all ngayon. He's great talaga with surprises." -Klariz
  • "It was my ninth anniversary with my boyfriend. Since it was impossible to be together, we sent our love through surprise food deliveries. Later that day, we had a vidcall date while casually eating dinner, doing our own thing. He watched anime while I watched a K-drama." -Kim
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People put in extra effort to extend acts of kindness. 

  • "I told my boarders that they don't have to pay the monthly rent and utilities while there is an ongoing ECQ so they could use their money for personal needs (the very least I could do as their landlady)." -Maria
  • "Our on-call manicurist was declined for her SAP application and was losing clients as well. I called her up for a mani-pedi and gave her additional money and groceries (rice, canned goods, toiletries). I am just a student so I had to get from my personal funds but at the time, I thought of how others have it difficult and saw that I can help in my own little way." -Clarissa


Answers have been edited for clarity. 

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