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The 20 Kinds Of Couples Out There

Where do you see yourself?
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1. The power couple.

The successful couple who work together in a business. They’re popular and wealthy and successful. They’re so good-looking that you know they’ll have beautiful babies. No one can get jealous of these guys ’cos they’re out of everyone’s league.

2. The best-friends couple.

They were each other’s childhood best friends who finally got together. Until now they’re still the best of friends, and when hanging out with other people they act more like friends than lovers so no one feels uncomfortable.

3. The always-fighting couple.

Everyone can feel the tension from the couple, even when they’re not saying anything. No one catches them smiling at each other or laughing, and they always look grumpy. You kind of wonder why they’re still together.

4. The total-opposites couple.

One is outgoing, the other is laidback. One is spontaneous, the other is rigid. One is rugged, the other is very clean. It amazes you how they get along, but you like that they do—they’re cute that way.

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5. The very-alike couple.

They have the same interests, same circle of friends and colleagues, the same job, the same passion, the same attitude and personality. You’d think they get along 100%, but they don’t all the time. If they’re both impatient, they’d irritate each other fast; if they’re war freaks, well, you can imagine how fights are like. They’re much too similar to balance each other out.

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6. The long-distance couple.

This is the couple that’s dealing with a long-distance relationship, and who will let you know if LDRs can work. Your view on life and love depends on the success or failure of their relationship.

7. The party-going couple.

These guys met while clubbing, probably hooked up the first time they laid eyes on each other, and who everyone thought were just having a fling. But nope. Almost a year into their relationship and they’re still together (and partying together). Things must be serious.

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8. The chill couple.

They just stay at home watching movies and eating chips in their PJs. They give off the cool vibe, and you can also imagine them smoke pot together. LOL!

9. The she’s-too-good-for-him couple.

From looks to ability to maturity, she’s ahead of him by leaps. You don’t know what she saw in a wreck like him and why she’s still staying with him. Is it love? Money? Sex?

10. The he’s too-good-for-her couple.

He’s your dream guy and you think that his bitch of a girlfriend did some mumbo-jumbo witchcraft on him. Poor guy. You just want to kiss his wounds etc. Hihi.

11. The annoying-PDA couple.

These guys make EVERYONE cringe online or in real life. There should be a point where they can temper or not act on their raging hormones, but that still doesn’t exist for these guys. The world is their bed.

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12. The adorably affectionate couple.

Their affection doesn’t make anyone uncomfortable but does make everyone feel the love and happiness. They’re just the cutest.

13. The on-and-off couple.

Their relationship status is erratic—so much so that you can’t keep the updates on whether or not they’re together again or broken up again. You can only guess when they’re separating for good.

14. The high school-sweethearts couple.

They make you wonder if they ever get bored of each other or if they ever imagine what it’s like being with someone else. They’re really stable, so you assume they’re headed for the altar.

15. The open-relationship couple.

They’re committed to each other, tell each other they love one another, and they’re so trusting that it’s okay if the other hooks up with someone else (given that there’s consent). WHAT?! HOW?!

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16. The age-gap couple.

Or the couple who intrigues you as to who seduced whom, and who’s got stronger game.

17. The sexy couple.

Just by looking at them you can feel that they have a mind-blowing sex life. Their sex appeal is so high you get aroused seeing them. You don’t really mind imagining them get frisky—you like it.

18. The very serious couple.

Could also be the boring couple. They’re very steady. They don’t seem like they’re having fun, but they also don’t seem like they dislike each other’s company. Maybe you should tell them a joke and see what happens.

19. The destined-to-be-together couple.

They were the two people you were shipping together in your mind, the two people you knew would be perfect for each other, or the two people who were always in each other’s lives. They just had to happily end up together when things finally fell into place.

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20. The true-love-exists couple.

The aged gray-haired couple who still hold hands and have that sparkle in their eyes when they look at each other. Every couple’s dream.

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