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The Clueless Girl's Guide To Boys' Night Out

It's a stress reliever.

Some women are afraid to let their man partake in a harmless boys’ night out. Unless he’s the type who forbids you from getting together with your gal pals (which should never be the case, that’s a red flag CGs!), allowing him to blow off some steam with his rowdy mates will let him know that you’ve invested a lot of trust into the relationship. Maybe if girls knew what really goes down when the guys are out on the town, there wouldn’t be so much pressure involved in having to explain or argue why he needs this kind of time in the first place. Hey, and when he’s out with his best buds, you and the girls can assemble yourselves for some midnight Margaritas! It’s a win-win!

1. It’s a stress reliever. Don’t get insulted or assume he doesn’t want to spend quality time with you if he needs to hang with his homies once in awhile. Having separate chill-time with your own circle of friends is healthy for any relationship. Don’t force your way into being his plus one. How would you feel if he hi-jacked your night out with the girls?

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2. Drinks will be involved. Like any social gathering, social lubricants will be present. These usually come in the form of cold beers, bottles of whiskey, and shots of tequila. Don’t worry, he’s old enough to know not to get piss-ass drunk! Or is he?

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3. He’ll appreciate it if you don’t murder him with calls and text messages. He can’t relax with his buds if his attention is always on his phone, answering your relentless queries of where he is and what time he’ll be in. Chillax, girl! You don’t want him to think you’re his mother.

4. Not all groufies with girls means he’s flirting like a mofo! He has some single friends in his posse too. So if a random group picture pops up on social media, as long as his hands aren’t in all the wrong places, it might be safer to assume that…

5. He could be playing wingman. Not all his bros are lucky to be in a thriving romantic relationship with an understanding woman like you. Trust that if they choose to party at a club or happen to meet a group of single women out for some fun, he’s only trying to help a lonely brother out.

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6. Don’t assume BNO always happens at a strip club. What about poker nights, shooting pool, and good old conversation at your local dive bar? Aren’t those legit male-bonding activities anymore?

7. Also, they’re not JUST talking about boobs, butts, and babes. Inebriated banter is usually composed of politics, pop-culture, and social issues…and boobs, butts, and babes. :p

8. Sometimes it’s a crisis situation. Meaning, one of his friends could be experiencing girl trouble, cabin fever, or facing some form of existential life hurdle. Which, in any case, can be cured with an instant escape from reality. Guys get emotional too and need to bitch, vent, and let loose without fear of being judged.

9. But more often than not, it’s really just an avenue to simply get things off his chest that he normally can’t when his girlfriend/wife is around. Which, when you think about it, can be fruitful and beneficial to your relationship. It’s clueless to think that your man shares all his unfiltered opinions, desires, and needs with you. Just like you, he needs a set of friends with unbiased ears from time to time.

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