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The Tamad Girl's Guide To Being Clean

Being lazy is no excuse to live in filth.

1. Control the clutter.

Clutter has a way of attracting more clutter, which makes your place look messier. Stop it before it happens! Small habits go a long way. Put your clothes in a hamper right when you get home, keep shoes corralled in a bin, and don't let the bills pile up. All these take only a few seconds and will prevent headaches later.

2. Hit the bathroom.

You never know when someone will spring a visit on you. When someone does, spray the toilet, sink, and mirrors with a glass cleaner, then wipe them down. A glass cleaner will make the surfaces sparkle. You get all the effects of a deep cleaning with minimal effort!

3. Wash the bra.

Your body excretes oil and sheds skin, which creates buildup. So wash that bra! Hand-laundering is optimal, but non-wire bras can also be machine-washed in a net bag using the gentle cycle. Always air-dry!


4. Clean the toilet handle!

Toilet seats already have a bad rap, but we forget about the handle, which is covered in germs transferred from our postwipe hands. Ew. Go over the handle with bathroom cleanser every time you clean your toilet (and maybe even more often!).

5. Don't forget to clean your razor, pumice stones, and loofahs.

They harbor lots of bacteria! Clean razors with white vinegar or bleach; pumice stones with hot, soapy water; plastic loofahs in the microwave (medium heat for 30 to 60 seconds; wet them first, BTW).

6. Do the dishes.

Dirty dishes left in the sink = a dirty-looking kitchen.

7. Make your bed.

An unmade bed becomes the messy focal point of a bedroom; a made bed says you've got it together. It feels pretty great to see this at the end of the day.

This story originally appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine, June 2014. 

* Minor edits have been made by editors

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