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The Ultimate Joys Of Being Single

Feeling insecure about your lack of a significant other? Here are three reasons you should embrace being single.

The true indication of a strong, independent woman is how she embraces singlehood. It's never too late for this. People come along in our lives for a second or a lifetime to teach us something. So whatever the lesson was, I hope you were paying attention. The point is to have no regrets, as we've got one more lesson to help inspire you: What a joy it is to be single! Remember, to learn how to be valuable to someone else, you first need to learn how to be alone.

Here are some reasons being single is hot!

1. You Call The Shots

When one has a weak personality, it is easy to succumb to the control of a dominant partner. Oftentimes we enjoy the companionship of a partner so much that we somewhat forget what it feels like to be an individual.

At times, we are better known as someone's girlfriend, rather than as ourselves! The worst that could happen is for you to lose your identity to that person, and not realize it until it's too late. Being single allows you to take control of your life decisions and how you want to be seen and treated as an individual.

Beauty columnist and model Isabel Roces explains, "I take pride in being single by living my life fun and fearless[ly] like a Cosmo woman should. Trust your instincts and let your convictions guide your decisions."

Remember, no matter what anyone says, your worth is determined by your self and not by who you are with.

2. Flying Solo

There's no better way to rediscover yourself than to travel! New cultures, people, and experiences enliven one's spirit and bring about a sense of confidence and contentment that no amount of money can buy!

Then again, there's always the cheaper alternative (and highly gratifying act of bravery) of going solo where you are. The Makeup Forum makeup aritst Al De Leon suggests "making 'single statements' such as looking hot at a restaurant but dining alone, [sitting] at a dinner table where everybody is coupled except you, or by entering a big event or function alone without a date or friend to tag along with." Fierce!

3. ME Before YOU

Sacrificing one's dreams and happiness for someone else can either be gratifying or cause a lifetime of regret. A person who fully loves and supports you will allow you to pursue your dreams, even if it means that they may be sacrificed in the end. If not, move on!

There are some dreams we pursue that require us to be single, as this keeps us focused on the prize and not deterred by outer forces. As top PMAP model Mia Ayesa shares, "I'm in a stage where I want to focus on pursuing everything I've always wanted to get into, and build an independent life for myself. I feel I must embrace this first to gain a deeper sense of confidence, self-worth, and inner peace. I'll share that when I find the right person who has a similar sense of motivation."

No curfews, no rules, no apologies—no looking back! Being strong, independent, confident, self-motivated, and aware of your self-worth are the attributes of a fierce, single woman!

Now go be her, right now!

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