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13 Things That Will Make You Cry When You're PMS-ing

And when we say cry, we mean "ugly girl cry!"

We all have those few days every month when we either want to run around screaming for joy because wala lang, or lock ourselves in our rooms with a pint of ice cream and cry because yes, wala lang din. Trust us, we’ve been there. As much as we hate to admit it, we tend to cry over the simplest things when we’re PMS-ing.

Like the 13 things below:

1. Adorable babies and animals

Because after watching that video, we can barely even breathe. Just. So. Cute. In case you still didn’t find Charlie and his brother totally adorbs, check out these super cute panda puppies!

2. Sappy Movies 

Because on a normal day, sappy movies ALWAYS make us cry. Imagine what watching them while PMS-ing would be like! Bring out all the boxes of tissue you can get your hands on, stat!

3. Old Couples

It just warms our hearts knowing that two people have been together for so long and still love each other. It isn’t that it’s rare or far-fetched. It’s just, what could be sweeter? We’re tearing up just thinking about it!

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4. Coldplay and Taylor Swift songs

Especially when they’re on loop. Even when we haven’t gone through the worst breakup ever. Because we know that these songs were inspired by real life, and so much pain exists in the world. #TheFeels

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5. Crying Babies

When there’s that one baby in line at the doctor’s clinic who just won’t stop crying. Somehow, you feel like crying along with him.

6. James Franco

From picking up an underaged girl on Instagram to his role in Springbreakers and his semi-nude selfie. Just why did he fall so far? He was perfect. *Cue to cry*

7. Negative People

Okay, we all have our problems and our own bad days, and we totally get that. But when we’re PMS-ing, we just cannot handle people with a perma-dark cloud above their heads. They're almost like Dementors in Azkaban, only IRL. 

8. Cravings

Actually scratch that, we mean "Cravings and an empty fridge." We just want to have a mega-meltdown when we get cravings in the middle of the night and we walk over to the fridge, only to discover it’s empty. Just, ouch.

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9. Vacation Photos

When you see those photos you printed out and hung on your wall and miss all the good times you had with your best girlfriends. Can we put work on hold, please?

10. Deadlines

Seeing your daily/monthly calendar lit up in more colors than you thought the rainbow had. BRB, crying a river.

11. Hollywood Crushes

When our Hollywood crushes date exclusively, and we realize for the nth time that we never stood a chance. For example, Zac Efron and Halston Sage.

12. Conscious Uncoupling

Thinking about Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent split (aka. Conscious uncoupling) makes us think that there is no love in the world anymore.

13. Proposals

Do we even need to explain this one? Check out Chito Miranda's proposal to Neri Naig below! If that doesn't make you cry, we don't know what will!