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10 Cute Things To Do With Your Dad That Don't Cost Any Money

It’ll make Father’s Day extra special, promise.
cute, free things to do with dad on father's day

If there’s anything we got more of this year, it’s time—more time at home, and as a result, more time to spend with family. The pandemic reminded us that life is fleeting and it’s important to slow down and appreciate our loved ones while we still can. For Father’s Day, for example, there are plenty of ways you can show dad you care without shelling too much money. If you’re strapped for cash this year—and TBH, who isn’t?—here are all the free and fun things you can do together.

Free things to do with your dad on Father's Day

  1. Have a cup of coffee together.

    Wake up an hour earlier than usual—‘cause for sure gising na tatay mo by like, 5:00 a.m., lol—sit with him, and let the kwentuhan
  2. Take a walk.

    This is also a clever way to get him to move and exercise! Plus, the endorphins will put him in a good mood buong araw.
  3. Make his favorite meal.

    Ok, technically, this one isn’t “free” but we’re assuming you’ve done your food shopping in advance, so you aren’t spending on the actual day! Even so, cooking for your papa requires more effort than ordering food—we know he’ll love this.
  4. Learn a TikTok dance.

    Doing something new and silly can make him feel young again. He might also appreciate the fact that you’re trying to introduce him to your world—even if he probably has no idea what you two are doing.
  5. Go down memory lane.

    Pull out the family photo albums and look through old photos. We’re sure he has a lot of stories to tell: What was his life like back then? What were some of wildest things his barkada did? How did he meet your mom?
  6. Recreate an old photo.

    This one’s especially cool if you have a maporma dad! Pick your favorite photo together—one from the ‘80s or ‘90s—and spend the day recreating those looks.
  7. Give him a massage.

    You don’t have to be an expert, obviously. But you can use some of the oils you’ve bought online and massage the tension on his back, hands, or feet. Dads need a little rest and relaxation, too!
  8. Play board games.

    Or complete a puzzle! Whatever it takes for you to put your phones down and connect the old-fashioned way. (In case you need it, here are explainers for UNO and Monopoly!)
  9. Blast his go-to songs all day.

    Music has a way of changing a person’s mood; so many of our memories are tied to specific songs. So kahit hindi mo maintindihan yung music taste niya, ask him who he likes to listen to and make his day.
  10. Arrange a virtual party.

    Nothing says “I love you” like getting the whole family together. If you have siblings who don’t live with you or are abroad, schedule an hour or two when you can all see each other via Zoom or even enjoy a meal together. At the end of the day, all he probably wants is to be with you guys, anyway.
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